Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more...

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Demon Debugger

DEMON (for DEbugger and MONitor) is a sophisticated tool with which you can explore and debug machine language programs The STEP mode has IV different commands and will step through machine language programs one instruction at a time, showing you the address, hexadecimal value. Zilog mnemonic, register contents, and step count for each Instruction The MONITOR mode has 26 different commands including a labeling disassembler DEMON is available on tape or disk and includes a comprehensive 40 page manual with many examples DEMON 1.0 for Model 1 and 95 DEMON 2.0 for Model 95

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By Sorensen & MacKensie from Trend This arcade style game is only for the strong at heart who are persistent enough to try and try again until the Demonic Forces have been destroyed. Your powerful star cruiser has high energy missiles and defensive shields. Can you develop the skill to defeat the Demons, and conquer the 3 special challenge levels

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Hello, and welcome back to our corner. Since we've gotten so many comments and letters having to do with Bulletin Boards we've decided to devote another column to some of the most frequently asked questions we've received about this fascinating communications medium. room full of whirring, clacking machinery, and others of an ominous Demon Seed sort of setup.

You Can Add Or Delete Any Of These Features To Customize The Package To Your Requirements

Hellfire Warrior Automated Simulations PO Box 4247 Mountain View, CA 94040 39.95 plus 2 s h 32K tape or disk Models I & III Hellfire Warrior is a continuation of the Dunjonquest series initiated by the game, Temple of Apshai . This fascinating, real-time, role-playing game is an absolute boon to the frustrated Dungeons and Dragons fan. Your quest is to rescue the warrior queen Byrnhild, who lies captive in the bottom of a demon-haunted pit. She is guarded by a nine-headed Pyrohydra, and Death itself will attempt to prevent your escape from the darkness of Lower Hell. After outfitting yourself for your adventure, you will be able to choose the level of the dunjon you wish to enter. As would seem natural, the deeper you go, the more formidable the foes you will encounter and the greater the rewards. As you travel through the various levels of the dunjon you will find treasures which can be used to purchase new provisions for future outings. If you should have the misfortune of being...

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As the Boxer you are fighting is controlled by the Computer, without some interference, the Computer would win all the time. So to give you a fighting chance, (pun intended ), the Computer controlled boxer is forced to pause now and then the length of the pause is random and will vary from being unnoticeable to about 2 or 3 seconds. Even with this advantage the Computer's boxer will beat the hell out of you if you don't keep on your toes. Play continues until you are sick of it

High Speed Cassette System

The February 1980 issue of Microcomputing had an ad that intrigued the hell out of me. It was a high-speed cassette system by JPC Products acclaimed as a poor man's floppy. It made all sorts of seemingly ridiculous claims such as loads five times faster, stores 50,000 bytes on a 10-minute cassette, less than one bad load in a million bytes with the volume control anywhere between one and eight.

Introduction To Low Resolution Graphics

An exciting handbook containing twelve simulation programs, which are actually game programs. They include Art Auction, Monster Chase, Lost Treasure, Gone Fishing, Space Flight, Starship Alpha, Forest Fire, Nautical Navigation, Business Management, Rare Birds, Diamond Thief, and The Devil's Dungeon. Clearly written in a BASIC format that is compatible with all microcomputers, they are all original and well-documented. Each program is presented with a listing, sample run, instruction, and program documentation, including flow chart and ideas for variations.

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Bulletin Board systems are also wonderful things. Without them what would you need a modem for With a BBS program you can create a total fantasy world right in your computer that others can take an active role in, and play a crucial part in it's sue cess. The fantasy can be as straight forward as a programmers only environment, or as fictional as a wizard's castle, complete with demons and Dragons Very little notice has been given the high level language, NORTH, and for good reason it is mere ly a subset of the original and much more powerful GW-NORTH. The complete GW-NORTH Instruction set is now available for machines other than the CRAY series. A demonstration program that comes on the Model 4 (III mode) disk is presented below. This house keeping utility (which maintains a small house), demonstrates some of the remarkable characteristics of GW-NORTH. Its resemblance to GW BASIC is apparent. However, note the require ment of an EH suffix for each statement, the liberal use of...

The Institute

LUCIFER'S REALM Lucifer's Realm Entering the kingdom of Satan, you discover a revolution in the making, headed by Adolf Hitler. You must travel through the bowels of Hades, dealing with the most evil mortals of all time. By cunning and strategy, you can bring Hitler to his final doom and find your escape from the fiery Pit. Lucifer's Realm TRS-80 Model 1 Model 111 16K Cassette____ 19.95 Diskette____ 22.95


By Leo Christopherson from Acorn Teach your animated android how to wield a laser sword Leo Christopherson, author of Android NiM, Dancing Demon, Voyage to Valkyrie and other animations, has developed a new type of animation and high quality sound in this work. Starting out as a lowly clown, you teach your 'droid to use a laser sword by controlling its movements advance, attack, even retreat if necessary. Then you enter the tournament against the program's skilled 'droid. Revel in the fanfares of the victorious or hear the funeral dirges of the defeated Entertainment for ail

Indexed By Pixel

Demon then executes a loop that updates the location and movement of each active molecule. FIGCNT contains the number of passes to be made through this loop. FIGX points to a list containing the molecule control variable addresses in the sequence to be updated. Notice that each active hot molecule appears twice in the list and each active cold molecule appears once. This causes the hot molecules to be moved twice as fast as the cold ones. For each pass through this loop, Demon updates a molecule by calling four routines. Each routine requires that the IX register contain the address of the molecule control variable list. Wall controls the animation of the wall bouncing it checks for wall contact, and if any occurs, it changes the move


Do you believe that dreams tell the future In the case of Leo Christopher-son, it's true. Leo teaches computers and math in the seventh and eighth grades. He pioneered fast animated graphics with his Android Nim program in 1978. Since then he has authored other successful graphics oriented game programs including Dancing Demon in which the demon, a graphics character, dances to the music and step patterns you program in, and Voyage of the Valkyrie, a blend of arcade and adventure games. Of ail his programs, Dancing Demon most embodies the spirit of these two childhood events. Dancing Demon is an educational program. I wrote it to illustrate the same idea of the stone blocks where you have to fit one group of certain size things together with another group. In the case of Demon you have to put down the musical measures that have so many beats per mea-

Call Toll Free

By Leo Christopherson from Acorn Your 'droid has already learned NIM, so now it's time to teach it how to wield a laser sword Leo Christopherson, author of Android NIM, Dancing Demon and other animations, has developed a new type of animation and high-quality sound in his latest work.


Print Strip Blackjack, are you ), and recommends August's do-it-yourself joystick and CoCo game design tutorials. Her favorite is Joseph Dlhopolsky's machine-language patch that uses the CRT's electron beam to eliminate screen flicker, but she admits to liking Maxwell's Demon ( It's a game, but it's based on a scientific theory ). I caught her puzzling over an Australian adventure, Lost on the Great Barrier Reef, too.


To market a program to the Boys from Fort Worth (TANDY), is a dream come true for a TRS-80 programmer. In the case of Leo Christopherson, whose talent and scope seem limitless, the big score came in the form of DANCING DEMON, a fine and entertaining little 9.95 number now available in every Radio Shack in the country. The animation techniques that earned Leo the respect and admiration of programmers everywhere, have never been more entertaining than in DEMON.

Zork Ii

Okay, head along East until you reach the Dragon Room, then North to the Dragon's Lair. Leave the chest for now instead, say Hello Princess, and wait until she leaves. Follow her, and continue to follow her until you are both in the Gazebo, then wait. The unicorn will appear, and the princess will give you the key from around its neck, and also a rose. You can drop the rose it has no use in the game. Put each sphere on the stand of the same color, then get the black sphere that appears, and go South into the Pentagram Room. Put the sphere on the circle, and the Demon will appear You must give him *ALL* the treasures you have collected, as well as the gold key. This will mean at least one more trip to and from the Carousel Room to get all the stuff. When you have given everything to the demon, tell the demon, Give Me The Wand, and he will take the wand from the Wizard and give it to you.

Little Orphan Eighty

It certainly has been talked about at every user group meeting that I attend. The Model I is now being emulated on MS-DOS machines and it is incredible to see a PC running 'Dancing Demon' or some of the other classics. I have dusted off my Model I collection, transferred a fair share of it to the emulator format, and am having the time of my life writing Z-80 code on the Intel-based machine. My '1 to 4 to PC' article presents utilities for Model l lll and 4 to copy Model I disks over to the virtual disk format that the emulator uses. I hope you find them useful.

Beat The Game

Well, you took care of Krill and returned to the Guild Hall in triumph, but things don't look good for you at the moment. Not when you're standing there facing the slavering jaws of a vicious hellhound Fortunately for you, this time, it's only a dream, so just wait, and you will wake up in your room in the Guild Hall. Whew Ok, so now you're out of the Hall, but look where the spell took you to the same forest you were dreaming of at the start of the game. And there's the Hellhound, too And this time, it's no dream You better not wait around this time, so immediately head Northeast to the Forest Edge. Inside the room is Belboz, who is possessed by the demon Jeear. Swanzo Belboz, and the demon will leave him, and attempt to enter YOUR mind But the Vardik spell will keep him out, and, with no host avail le, he will vanish Belboz will now regain his senses, and will magic the both of you back to the Guild Hall. Here Belboz announces his retirement, and names you as the new head of the...

Total Slain

Iri Room 3 in the Temple of Apshai, our hero observes two treasures unattended by dragons, monsters or demons for the moment. He is completely free of wounds he is not at all fatigued. He carries 44 pounds of armor and 19 arrows in his quiver. He has already slain five demons. Will he capture the treasures before moving on or before the forces of darkness intercept him


If you started with LIST to see if it worked, it went to hell My TRS-80 is new (August), maybe it's different. I discovered it needed locations 40FD FC and 40FD FE loaded with the contents of register HL. Doing this necessitates moving the starting address back a few bytes otherwise you'll go past 4FFF. With my change


Once Poet got to the Weather Control, he had to reset the faulty control to 100. This is only a temporary fix because if you let the game go on too long, all hell will break loose with various disasters and accidents occuring which you will not be able to control. Poet is then sent to the Hallway End where he will be used to get the TV camera needed later. Iris is sent to the Main Supply Room where she can be f. xed when Waldo arrives. She will also help Waldo i impair the machine there. Sensa, upon arriving, puts the ramp in place so that Auda can get to Gamma 113pair and so that she and Poet can get to the other level. Waldo is handed the grasper and container which he installs. This is done now to save moves later.

Hard Drives For Sale

The problem was that the supplementary pamphlet did not include this crucial element. I now had the 5 meg drive up and running and working correctly. And I still had about 6 hours before the promised delivery time. Whew I made it As someone once remarked, The devil is in the details , and this seems to apply in many fields of endeavor.


The COMPILER is ideal for statements and fixed details, but the INTERPRETER is an interactive process, and much more suited to the conversations we need to have with our micros during program development. OK, where is all this leading The point is that, although PASCAL is fast, it can be the very devil to develop a program on because every contentious step has to be compiled before you know if a particular sequence will work as planned. Someday a working PASCAL INTERPRETER will be available and interactive development will be possible in that language before the final compilation. When that occurs there will be a dramatic shift towards PASCAL for the Micro. But the average micro user needs that INTERPRETER and BASIC is the only language with a half way decent command set and a good INTERPRETER.


CIMEEON MOON Engage in ritual compat with tooamoath narthokc monsters and skilled warriors Advance in rank with o a, experience Then adventure through DAZMAR'S UNDERWORLD OF DOOM to the 'orbidden ruins of castle argaan Search for the eye of dammar while avoiding the sorceror s intricate traps Survivors must then negotiate treacherous trails among the perilous peaks of the ugrek moutains to the FORSAKEN GULTCH where the wicked idol awaits restoration

Rompak Kits

ADVENTURE 3-PAK Requires 16K Extended Basic. TAPE 24.95 This TRILOGY OF 3-D FANTASY GAMES takes you to the WORLD UNDER THE CIMEEON MOON. Engage in ritual combat with Tooamoath Narthokc Monsters and skilled warriors. Advance in rank with play experience. Then adventure through DAZMAR'S UNDERWORLD OF DOOM to the forbidden ruins of Castle Argaan. Search for the Eye of Dazmar while avoiding the sorceror's intricate traps. Survivors must then negotiate the perilous peaks of the Ugrek Mountains to the FORSAKEN GULTCH where the wicked idol awaits restoration. VEGAS 5-PAK Requires 16K Extended Basic TAPE 19.95 The THRILLS OF A VEGAS CASINO at home. Five action packed Vegas games for up to four players CASINO CRAPS * 21 * ONE ARMED BANDIT * UP & DOWN THE RIVER * KENO. Bank tracks players winnings from game to game realistic cards regulation tables boards authentic sounds lively graphics official rules in each game.


TELENGARD - Microcomputer Dungeon Adventure game. In the mysterious underworld of TELENGARD there are fifty levels of ever-more complex mazes for mighty adventurers to explore. Various means of survival tactics are at the adventurer's disposal and all of the necessary ingredients have been incorporated into this solitaire real time fantasy and role-playing game.

Programming Tidbits

Raise your hands, please how many have used the basic imp Do I see a hand back there Oh, you never heard of a basic imp You know, a small devil, one of the six logical operators in Mod-4 BASIC, used mainly in IF commands to bind two or more comparisons into a true or false expression. If you are like the majority of BASIC programmers (including yours truly) you probably rarely use the IMP. Most of the time we do just fine with AND, OR, plus possibly NOT, the trio inherited from the Mod-I days. Add the following lines to the above subroutines and we have a working program to demonstrate the new scroll protection abilities.

From Old England

Investigating all of the Commodore agents revealed a minimum of 3 months waiting, and then you were often made to feel that they were doing you a favour. As a passing thought a local Tandy shop was approached who offered a Model 1 with a monitor, cassette recorder, a set of well written manuals AND a copy of Dancing Demon. This was too good to be true, but what closed the deal was the fact that it could go in the back of the car straight away.

Death Dreadnaught

1.95 on laps 18.95 on disk Deep in Arizona's Superstitution mountains, under the watchful eye of Apache Indians, the fabled LOST DUTCHMAN'S GOLD MINE awaits the adventurer enough to challenge the fates. With only a mule and a Winchester, and the ghost of an old gold prospecter named BACKPACK SAM to guide you, do you dare to venture into the misty mountains, where it is said that the Devil himself, protects the LOST DUTCHMAN'S GOLD


On my desk, I had found three new program disks. Two of the three are published by Computer Shack, the third by Trend Software. They were entitled Jovian, Cyborg, and Demon Seed. According to the chief, somewhere on these disks I would be able to find the long-lost professor. I didn't really know what to expect when I booted up Demon Seed. Max wasn't around to brief me on the details. He's been wandering the phone lines more and more. Then it hit me that sinking feeling I get whenever I am downloaded into the world of a computer program. I re-rezzed in the padded seat of a Class VII Laserfighter,. inside Demon Seed. I was all set for the fight of the year when I heard a voice over the radio. It was Max. Demon Seed is first, and fundamentally, an Invaders program. But, Don't expect a neat little line of marching ET's dropping energy rain. The aliens are bats which flap and glide around the screen, Galaxian style, firing short energy bolts in an attempt to do the player in. If one of...

Death Dreadnaoght

Deep in Arizona's Superstition mountains _ 'under the watchful eye of Apache Indians, the fabled iLOST DGTCHMAN'S GOLD MINE awaits the adventurer enough to challenge the fates. With only a mule and la Winchester, and the ghost of an old gold prospector named 1 BACKPACK SAM to guide you, do you dare to venture into the Imisty mountains, where it is said that the Devil himself, protects the LOST DUTCHMAN'S GOI D

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