Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets

Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course

Speed reading acceleration course is a unique step by step course that shows people how to increase their speed reading and comprehension, It's also an outstanding uniquedesigned for people who want to accelerate their brains. The course focuses on reading, it also covers a lot of different processes our brain undergoes during the activity we commonly refer to as reading. This product improves reading, memory, concentration and focuses if you apply yourself to it. It is very easy to use, has clear instructions. The product is a phenomenon among speed readers, the quality of this course is undeniable and the applicability is limitless. If you are interested in speed reading, for personal or professional reasons, this product offers all you need. With this product, you can explore and field the real and hidden potential of yourself, discover the depths of your mind and unlock your capabilities making this product trusted among users. Below are some mind-blowing benefits:Promotes visualization while reading,delivers reading strategies to handle today's information overload,encourages unlearning some bad reading habits from school,organizes the reading process more effectively,increases knowledge in many fields of interests, actively create your own future by learning new skills and increasing your comprehensive ability respectively. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Dave Eaves
Official Website: fastspeedreading.com
Price: $27.00

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Highly Recommended

This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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Video Speed Reading Trainer

With this package, students can increase their reading speed and comprehension. How With practice This three part program will flash characters, words and phrases onto the monitor screen. You must then type what you saw on the keyboard and enter it. You can begin at a relatively slow speed. As your speed and comprehension increase, the computer will automatically advance your speed. Order No. 0100R

Video Speedreading Trainer

You can increase your reading speed and comprehension with this package. It uses the principle of the tachistoscope. a device that teaches by displaying images for a fraction of a second These programs can train you to recognize words and phrases quickly, so that your everyday reading becomes an uninterrupted process.

Complete Systems

Read faster, understand more and have more free time. . .Use your computer to double or triple your reading speed without skipping words. Power Reading trains you to read groups of words at a glance in clusters. No skipping words as in Speed Reading. Learn to instantly switch from pleasure reading to study reading always at increased speeds. Automatically adjusts to individual abilities. With Power Reading techniques, you read every word to increase comprehension and make reading easier and more enjoyable. Better than expensive classes. Power Reading Mod III 4

Tape Level

Mortgage calculations, Dow Jones Industrial, cash flow, inventory-change, California income tax, journal ledger (8K), loan amortization, perpetual calendar, bio rhythm, payroll, dietplanning, speed reading, touch typing, sales receipt tally, decision maker, mail addressing, straight depreciation, double-declining depreciation, and revolving charge account

Model Ii

The Mostly Basic Educational Package is written in Basic and contains several programs. The tutorials include a spelling and flash card test for French, German, Italian, and Spanish a speed reading program two math programs the Visual Perception Test and the Memory Challenger.

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