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Whilst sweeping away all the old cobwebs we have decided to make a further change. All of our readers are well aware that the date shown on the cover is about six months behind the actual date of issue. This is a legacy of our earlier days of more limited resources and, try as we will, we have not been able to catch up without sacrificing quality. What we have been able to do is to hold our own and produce a magazine each month for the past three issues. Well, you had better dig out those calendars that came with the July issue because we have decided to put aside our pride and to change the cover date so that the magazine you receive will carry the actual date of issue. We must allow time for two printing processes, since we print the magazine in the United Kingdom after we print it in Australia. Therefore, the very next issue of MICR0-80 magazine will carry a cover date of JULY 1983. It will still be volume 3, issue 12 however and all our subscribers will receive the number of issues to which they are entitled. You can rely upon us to inform you when your subscription needs renewing as we send out a reminder notice with the second last issue of your subscription.


Until now, the undisputed king of the dot matrix printers has been the MX-80. Epson has dropped the MX-80 from its product line and has introduced two new models - the FX-80 and the RX-80. The FX-80 is at the top of the range featuring high speed printing (160 c.p.s.), a host of new capabilities and a classic styling that borrows much from its predecessor. The RX-80 looking even more like the MX-80 also provides improved performance. The price of the RX-80 is about the same as the MX-80 ($995 including tax) while the FX-80 is rather more expensive ($1399 including tax).

Before you begi n to mourn the passi ng of the MX-80 too deeply, there are rumours and strong evidence that indicate Epson is now licensing other manufacturers to produce MX-80 look-alikes. We have al ready si ghted two such copi es from di fferent manufac turing and suspect that soon the market wi 11 be saturated with them. These printers feature modest improvements in capabi1ity over the MX-80 and are priced at around $700 including tax.

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