Full Bit Processing Power In An Office Machine

The Olivetti M20 represents a breakthrough in computer design - both technically and aesthetically. From its latest full 16 bit technology using a Z8000 microprocessor to its attractive styling, it is as modern as tommorow. Most important however, are the human interfaces. Olivetti has drawn on its years of expereince in office equipment design to produce a computer which is easy and comfortable to use. The keyboard is well laid out with a nice "feel", the disk drives are quiet and unobtrusive whilst the all important display is without equal. We have not seen such an attractive, easy to read display anywhere. The special anti-glare treatment makes text readable under the most adverse lighting conditions whilst characters are of high definition and clearly formed. The high resolution graphics display (512 x 256) is sharp and rock-steady. If you think we are laying it on a bit thick, then you haven't seen the M20!

The Olivetti M20 is primarily designed to be used in a commercial or technical office although its low price could also make it attractive to the serious hobbyist or programmer. The basic specification is: Full 16 bit Z8001 microprocessor, 128K RAM expendable in the cabinet to 512K, one 5 1/4 inch, double-sided, double density 35 track disk drive (320K unformatted capacity) RS232 serial selectable port, Centronics parallel port, software 80 x 24 or 64 x 16 display with high resolution characters - lower case with full descenders, fully programmable keyboard, PCOS Disk Operating System and MICROSOFT Version 5.2 BASIC interpreter on Disk and high resolution graphics (512 x 256).

Options include, second disk drive in cabinet, Winchester hard disk drive, IBM 3870 terminal emulation, videotext, high resolution colour graphics.

The operating software and BASIC interpreter support graphics commands such as DRAW, BOX, PAINT, 16 INDEPENDENT WINDOWS, LABELS, WHILE AND WEND AND MANY OTHER POWERFUL STATEMENTS. The operating system and interpreter reside in RAM so no system disk is required after boot-up thus making a single disk system viable. Olivetti is fully supporting the M20 with a wide and ever increasing range of applications software. Available immediately is the OLIBIZ suite of accounting programs -written in Australia, MULTIPLAN financial planning, ISAM file handling utility and a wide range of scientific and engineering sub-routines, which have been thoroughly tested on earlier Olivetti systems. Releases scheduled over the remainder of 1982 include OLIWORD word processor, OLIENTRY data handler, OLISORT high speed sorting routine and an Editor/Assembler. If you require an up-to-date powerful super-fast and well supported computer for your business, then you should seriously consider the OLIVETTI M20.


consists of Olivetti M20 $37 per week with 128K RAM, one DS/DD

disk drive (320K unformatted)

PCOS disk operating system and Microsoft BASIC 5.2

(320K unformatted) complete suite of OLIBIZ programs including Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Invoicing and General Ledger, 80 Column dot matrix printer.

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