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MICR0-80 is an international magazine devoted entirely to the Tandy TRS-80 microcomputer and the Dick Smith System 80 Video Genie. It is available at the following prices all prices shown in Aus. except for U.K. prices which are in pounds Sterling . 36.00 Airmail 46.00 Airmail 16.00 3.50 Airmail 4.25 Airmail 1.50 at present available from Australia only 4.00 Airmail 4.50 Airmail 4.75 Airmail Special bulk purchase rates are also available to computer shops etc. Please use the form in this issue...

Teach Yourself Semaphore

An invaluable aid to modern communications The Theory and Techniques of Sorting Part 1 Better Basic Programming Part 3 Basic Arrary Saver ESF Lower Case Driver P.O. BOX 213JGOODWOOD, S.A. 5034. AUSTRALIA. TELEPHONE 08 211 7244. PRICE AUS. 2.50, N.Z. 4.00, U.K. 1.50 , SOFTWARE EDITOR HARDWARE EDITOR U.K. CORRESPONDENT