Variables In The Scrip Program

C Number of Copies selected (Default = 1)

D Copies counter

E Used in Def C (Change or edit a line)

For "RECIPE" only, use G.64015 or GOTO 64015

L Number of Lines selected (Default = 1)

M Lines Counter

N Line input pointer

For sizes other than 1-9 use POKE &79F4

Decimal 31220. (CAUTION!! LOOK FIRST!!

Then POKE)

L$(91)*18 DIMs for up to 92 lines, with up to 18 characters per line. User may increase or decrease the number of lines depending on available memory. Each line requires 18 locations (1663 for 92 lines). A total of 92 lines are necessary to check the full ASCII list for the large sizes of printing (including housekeeping) for edit, additional copies, etc. For only 50 lines (a saving of 738 locations) make the following changes:

Line 62010 L$(50) Instead of L$(91) Line 62070 L>50 Instead of L>91 and 50MAX Instead of 91 MAX D$ Direction selected (HA/ in D$) Default = H

AA B$ Z$ B I J Q T W X Z Also used in Banners, etc. NOTE: DON'T TRY TO CHANGE COLORS BY POKEing.

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