Put from sourcefilename to destinationfilename

This command takes the source-file from the local system and copies it to the destination-filename on the remote system. This command requires that the directory you are writing to have write permission for the category "other". If you are unfamiliar with changing directory permissions, read up on the chmod command in your manual.

If you are connected with a non-xenix system, you should type:

(ctrl) 6 < filename enter

This command dumps the contents of the file from the local system out to the RS232C port. The software on the remote system must be capable of capturing the information into RAM or writing it to disk using xon/xoff flow control.

The download features of cu seem to confuse many of its users. When downloading to another xenix system, you can use the "take" command. This command takes a file off the remote system and transfers it to the local system. The command "take" is shown below.

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