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Paul Brannon 201 Massee Dr. Dothan, Ala. 36301

This program will print graphic characters using Radio Shack's own Upper/Lower case routine supplied with the Model I Double Density TRSDOS. It might work on the cassette version, using the same idea. The program replaces the lowercase mode (SHIFT 0) with a graphic characters mode.

First,load the program and RUN it. To access the graphic character mode, rs H I F T QD- A through Z are graphic characters 129 to 154, SHIFT A through SHIFT Z are 155 to 180, and 1 through 9 create 181 to 189. 190 and 191 are found by pushing "," and ".". To exit graphic mode, (SHIFT CQj.

The program is so simple, you can easily make any changes to it to suit your needs. Also, you can use it to change f§ H I F^T (Mj to other special symbols other than the British Pound sign. Furthermore, you can enter any BASIC word with one press of a button in graphics mode. Example—RUN equals graphic code 142. See Section E in the Level II manual to see which word equals which graphic code.

10 A=129

20 FOR X-&HFF00 TO &HFF19 : POKE X, A : A-A + 1 : NEXT X

30 FOR X-&HFF40 TO &HFF59 : poke x, b : B»B ♦ 1 : next x

40 FOR X-&HFF20 TO &HFF28 : POKE X, C : OC + 1 : NEXT X

50 POKE &HFF2B, 190

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