Lmp Characteristics

Data processing characters (normal, compressed, and condensed) are created using a 5x9 dot matrix pattern. Correspondence quality characters are created using a 7x12 dot matrix pattern.

For maximum efficiency, the LMP 2150 operates in one of three modes.

• Data processing mode for fast output

• Word processing mode for letter writing

• Graphics mode for drawing pictures, or graphs.

The LMP 2150 can handle continuous fanfold paper ranging in width from 3-inches to 16-inches including the guide hole side strips. The printer can print one original with up to five copies (with or without carbon). Paper stock weights can range from 15 to 100 pounds.

LMP 2150 comparative lines per minute (LPM) print speeds (no descender characters) among its various character sets:

Correspondence Quality—10 CPI 80 LPM

Condensed—16.7 CPI 100 LPM

Standard—10 CPI 150 LPM

Compressed—12.5 CPI 125 LPM

Characters per line:

Correspondence Quality—10 CPI 132

Condensed—16.7 CPI 220

Standard—10 CPI 132

Compressed—12.5 CPI 165

Dot positions per Horizontal line -

Correspondence Quality - 10 CPI 2640

Condensed -16.7 CPI "2640

Standard - 10 CPI 1584

Compressed -12.5 CPI 1980

In the Graphics Mode there are 7 vertical dots available in each dot column and a variable number of horizontal columns depending on the mode the printer is in:

Condensed 1320 Standard 792 Compressed 990

On a per inch basis, all three graphic modes print 72 dots per inch vertically. The Condensed mode yields 100 dots per inch horizontally, while the Standard mode gives 60 dots per inch and the Compressed mode gives 75 dots per inch horizontally.

Character Sets (Number of characters in each set)


American Special 32

European WP 32

Block Graphics 30

The LMP 2150 uses a built-in 8-bit parallel interface to the computer.

The physical size of the printer is:

24.6 inches wide

10.3 inches high

20.7 inches deep

60 pounds

The LMP 2150 (26-1272 $3995) is available at more than 1000 Radio Shack Computer Centers and participating Radio Shack Dealers nationwide. The 1-inch wide nylon fabric ribbon (26-1287, $12.95) is capable of printing 15 million characters per ribbon. The LMP 2150 is backed by dependable Radio Shack service, with on-site service contracts available.

The matching printer stand (26-4307 $149.95) is recommended for use with this printer. Regular printer stands may not hold up well under the stresses imposed by the LMP 2150. <¿1

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