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Another group of edits, called global edits, also comes with Profi'e 16. Like the system edits, global edits are built into the system and can be used in any data base file that calls them; however, unlike system edits, they can be modified and added to by the user. The limit is 100.

The global edits that change the format of entries in various ways are the ones you'll probably use most. For example, the "$" field type supplies the dollar sign, accepts digits from 0-9, adds the point and two decimal places, and right-justifies the result. "PHONE" accomplishes one of two things, depending on the field length and the number of characters entered It automatically turns 8173903935 into (817)390-3935 and 5551212 into555-1212. "SSNUM" turns 123456789 into 123-45-6789. "ZIP" accepts either 5 or 9 digits, automatically supplying the aash for the ten-character code.

Another type of global edit restricts data entry to sets of alternatives. "YESNO" lets you enter only "Y", "y", "N", or "n" and converts the character entered to upper case. "SEX" does the same thing for "F" or "M".

A third group of global edits makes cosmetic changes in input. "ALLUP" converts all characters entered to uppercase. I used this edit in my field 5 to ensure that my alphabetization key would not be affected by upper/lower case differences. "UPLOW" converts only the first character of a word, usually a name, to upper-case, and the following character to lower-case.

The remaining global edits "filter" data entry, and are used mainly to build other edits, both global edits and local edits. Local edits are entirely user-defined. Whereas you can have up to 100 global edits in your entire data base, you can define up to 100 local edits for each data base file. Local edits apply only to the file in which they were created.


\ N N <":"> N N | N <":"> N N

^ "th"<u> | Msu"<n> | "m"<o><n> | Mt,,<uXe> I "w,,<e><d> I "f "<r>< i> | ,,8,,<a><t>


Figure 3: The Edit Dictionary for "Concerts"

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