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Looking again at figure 2, you'll notice something else new. The two-letter combinations preceded by are "system-maintained" fields. They automatically keep track of such things as record number and date of last update without you having to define fields for this information or enter it manually. The system "remembers" it whether or not you choose to display it on a screen or report. The complete list of system fields is shown in figure 4, with the length allotted to each.

System-Maintained Fields @RN record number; leave eight spaces @TD today's date, MM/DD/YY; leave eight spaces @CD date record first used; leave eight spaces @UD date last updated; leave eight spaces @BD date last updated in batch; leave eight spaces @ID operator ID; leave eight spaces @CB record first used by; leave eight spaces @UB last updated by; leave eight spaces @TM time; leave eight spaces @SN screen number (processing only) @PN page number; leave five spaces @RS number of records selected per subtotal section; le^ve eight spaces •fents of subtotal field @Sh suutotal field heading

@DT date, spelled out (i.e., Feb. 10, 1985); leave 15

spaces @FN format name @TS total number of records selected

Figure 4: System Fields

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