The Multiple Choice A B C Or None Of The Above

Under The Multiple Choice area, subscribers will find numerous tests for educational purposes or just plain enjoyment. "TMC Analogies" provides you with a sample entrance exam for graduate school. Will you be accepted? Our aptitude test may give you an idea of what to expect. "Trivia Unlimited" will let you test compete with yourself or others around the country in categories of TV, movies, history, science, and others. Find out how you see yourself and how well you take care of yourself. "The Personality Profile" will help you determine this by asking questions about your psychological, physical and spiritual self, as well as other enlightening questions.

The Multiple Choice for Kids offers games, puzzles, and trivia designed for the younger set. The TMC Intelligence Test is similar to an IQ test, and will give you a fair estimate of how smart you are. The faster you complete the 30 questions the more your score will improve.

"Categorically Trivial" questions you until you miss three consecutive picks. To improve your score, just play again.

In "Author! Author!" The computer lets you choose the story you'd like to compose: The Woman of My Dreams, Those Were the Good Old Days, My True Self, Dear John and the Perfect Male. Just fill in the missing words. You can't miss achieving an award winning paragraph.

Separate yourself as a genius or just a bright person with the Super Brain Challenge. Super Brain includes high IQ questions, brain teasers and obscure facts.

As with the College Board, The Multiple Choice also offers a subscriber Feedback to converse with the Multiple Choice staff.

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