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Profile Plus for Model II is an extension of Profile II with all of the features mentioned above but with enhancements to make the user's data base even more manageable. Records can be defined by the user with five input screens for a total of 99 fields of information. One of the advantages of Profile Plus is the ability to define segments shorter than 256 characters whereas in Profile II the second, third, and fourth segments were 256 characters long with no option to allow for less space to be used. This means that if only 200 characters are required in a data base, the first segment would contain 85 characters and the second segment would have 115 characters instead of 256. This would save a great deal of storage space allowing for additional records to be stored. Profile Plus also has additional field indicators and the ability to associate fields in segment one into groups to allow for specialized data entry screens and data manipulation within the data base. Profile Plus also allows the user to define mathematical formulas that are to be used with certain pieces of information within the data base, making the system extremely flexible.

Profile Plus can be accessed in the same manner as Profile II. The added features of Profile Plus allow for specialized report generation and more versatile data manipulation. The user can design up to five report screens and using the advanced functions of Profile Plus can set up the specific reports required from the data base.

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