Model Iii Data Base Systems Profile Catalog No

Profile for Model I/III allows the user to design a data entry screen to his or her own specifications, with up to 32 fields per record. Records can be variable in length up to a maximum of 254 characters in each record. With this type of versatility a company can create a custom record keeping system with ease.

One important consideration in choosing a data base system is the ease with which information can be retrieved from the system. Profile allows the user to find information by any field in the record. The system will also sort the records by any field in the record. Printed reports are also defined by the user, putting a report title and column headings at the top of

Profile III Plus provides many of the same features of Profile with many advanced data manipulation features such as the ability to perform mathematical functions with the data in specified fields The searching and sorting features of Profile III Plus are much the same as Profile with the ability to search or sort by any of the 36 fields in the first segment. Profile III Plus gives the added advantage of being able to associate fields from the first segment with one another. A totally customized data base can be created with the user menu feature of Profile III Plus

Information is easily accessed with Profile III Plus as the user may define up to five different reports where Profile allows only one report format to be stored. Additionally Profile III Plus can be accessed by other Radio Shack software packages such as VisiCalc and SuperScripsit adding to its report generating capabilities.

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