Model Ii Data Base Systems Profile IICatalog No

Profile II is a very versatile data base system that lets the user format up to five data entry screens, each screen containing up to 36 fields of information with a maximum number of 99 fields. Profile II also has the ability to use multiple segment records. Multiple segment records allows the user to store up to 850 characters of information per record. The Model II owner with four floppy disk drives can store up to 1800 four segment records or a total of one and a half million characters of information.

Finding information is easy with Profile II. Profile II has the ability to find information by record number or search on any one of the 36 fields in the first segment. Profile II will sort the information in the data base by any of the fields in the first segment. Many times information for reports must meet more than one criterion and Profile II allows two fields to be associated with each other for greater searching and sorting capability. The system allows the addition and subtraction math functions to be performed on the data in the system to give some additional data manipulation capability.

Up to five user defined printed reports are allowed in Profile II. A report can consist of any combination of the fields of information in the system based on the data required in the report. Scripsit can also be used with Profile II for additional flexibility in generating reports.

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