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by William McMullan

Communal Data Entry

Enter data on either MS-DOS or TRSDOS computers with this common data-entry routine.

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Photo. MDEntry sample data input screen to input name, address, and phone number.

Setting up a data base using an IBM clone is usually not difficult, but when you have to enter 35,000 names, addresses, and other pertinent data, it becomes a problem.

The actual work of entering the data for this project was to be split up among three computers, one IBM clone and two Model 4's. I needed a program common to both types of machines, so I wrote Multipurpose Data Entry, or MDEntry (see Program Listings 1 and 2). See photo for sample data input screen. As I started to write MDEntry, I thought how often I had written almost this same program for entering data. However, to convert an old program, I would have to do a complete rewrite. What I needed was a versatile program that would let me rewrite the rewrite if I decided to enter more data.

In addition, I wanted a data-entry program that I could use with other data programs. I wanted to be able to expand it and to custom-fit it to other needs. And it had to run on both machines.

Data Statements

Using Data statements, changing the parameters of this program is easy. For example, the line below in Listing 2:


System Requirements

Model m/4 or Tandy lOOO Basic

Available on The Disk Series

Program Listing 1. MDEntry for the Model 4. See p. 100 for Information on

using checksums in Listings 1. 2 and 3.

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