Special Software Deals

WordStar* 3.3 (Specify MM or R/S format) . MaitMefg*. SpeliStar*4. Starindex*" all 3 tor |ust WofdStar Professional (Above 4 Progams) DataStar* Data Entry & Retrieval ReportStar** Report Generator infoStar** Advanced DBMS (Above 2 Programs) dBASE If Complete With Disk Tutorial.

Super Utility Plus 3.2 by Kim Watt

Turbo PASCAL by Bof Land Requires CP/M

Turbo Toolbox by Bor Land

Turbo TUTOR by Bor Land

Pickles & Troul CP/M 2.2m for the Model

2-12 16 Floppy Version ..

Same thing but the Radio Shack Hard Disk


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