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Delete line 160 Change line 580 to: 580 LPRINT CHR$(27):CHR$(20): SYSTEM "GPRT2":RETURN

Insert line 615: 615 SCREEN 1 Insert line 905: 905 SCREEN 0

Figure. Modifications to Program Listing 5 for the Model 4.

appears in the middle of the screen as if it were on a shade that someone was pulling down (see Photo 5). Tap the spacebar again and the menu disappears.

To invoke a menu option, press the number key corresponding to the menu number on the screen. You can erase a window, dump the screen to the printer, or go back to the input subroutine. You don't have to erase a window that you plan to overwrite with a new pie chart or data; Windows does it automatically when you choose that window number during data entry.

When you send your report to the printer, you exit to BaslcG in Model 4 mode or exit to TRSDOS in Model III mode.

To run Windows on a Model 4, you must modify Listing 5 as shown in the Figure.

Charting Your Own Course

The power of a window environment lies in its ability to display different data or types of data at the same time. I set up the windows in this program for visual effect and to show that a window's placement and size is arbitrary and not restricted to any one layout. Your requirements might suggest only two windows or more than four.

I left the input section relatively simple. You have more than enough memory left over to add disk I/O routines for VisiCalc DIF flies or data base management interfaces. You should have no trouble finding ways to tailor Windows to your own specifications. ■

Glen E. Sparks is a programmer and a member of the Dearborn, MI, user's group. You can write to him at 6186 Custer. S. Rockwood, MI 481 79.

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