Uiiinterruptible Power Systems

By Sun Research

Available in 150,300,600.1000 and 1500 VA Capacities.

For complete protection from Blackout, Brownout Surge and Spike specify a MAYDAY Uninterruptible Power System by SUN RESEARCH.

Eliminate costly downtime and lost data caused by those momentary power losses. Protect your software and hardware from damage caused by sudden drops in line voltage. Isolate your computer system completely from the AC wall circuit with a MAYDAY continuous (On-Line) Uninterruptible Power System. Give all your components clean 60Hz sine wave

Available in 150,300,600.1000 and 1500 VA Capacities.


Old Bay Road, Box 210 New Durham, N.H. 03855 (603) 859-7110 1-800-443-1922

word for all files Is PASSWORD. Unlock then indicates that it's unprotected your file and returns you to LDOS Ready.!

Write to Jeffrey G. Terry at P.O. Box 41. Southold. NY 11971.

Circle 207 on Reader Service card.

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Call Free (800) 235-4137 for prices and information. Dealer inquiries invited. C.O.D. and charge cards accepted.


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