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The C.ITOH 3500 is fully IBM/Tandy 1000-1200-2000 compatible and FAST. Using bidirectional, logic-seeking printing across a full width of 13.2 inches, this little beauty prints at a speed of 350 characters per second (CPS). Letter quality printing is available at a rapid 87 CPS— more than twice the speed of most daisywheel printers. Couple that with a quick linefeed of 30 milliseconds per line and a standard buffer of 2K (16K optional, $50) and you have just about the fastest throughput around. Only 4.7" high and a low noise level of 58 dBA.

Maximum versatility is offered for data and wordprocessing output, spreadsheets and business graphics by a variability of print densities, speeds, character sets and fonts, spacing, forms control and other attributes realized by operator and computer alterable functions, allowing the printer to be tailored to almost any application.

We could rave on and on about this fantastic printer but the proof is using this printer in your application. Try it on our 14 day money-back-if-not-satisfied plan. Don't be printer bound any longer. Call today.

350 CPS only $1695

(Please Specify Serial or Parallel) (Shipping Included)


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