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The Smart Modemphone has a built-in clock/calendar and speaker.

Series, a family of products designed to help professionals increase their work productivity. The programs available include Traveling Appointment Manager, Traveling Expense Manager. Traveling Project Manager. Traveling Sales Manager, and Traveling Time Manager. For $99.95 you get the program of your choice plus the Desktop/Laptop Bridge.

You can take any of these programs into the field with your laptop computer; back in the office, you convert your information for use with your desktop computer and then, if you wish, back to the portable. For more information, contact Traveling Software Inc.. 11050 Fifth Ave. N.E.. Seattle. WA 98125. 206-367-8090.

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Zap Mat

The Static-Master mat from Formica Corp. is an anti-static laminate mat that permanently dissipates static elec tricity harmful to computers and other types of electronic equipment.

You put the mat under your equipment and install the ground cord. When you touch the mat it dissipates static electricity with no de tectable shock.The mat comes in almond, putty, gray, oak. and walnut in a matte finish. It is 1/8 inch thick and is available in 18- by 20-inch ($49.95) and 26- by 26-inch ($79.95) sizes. For more information. contact Formica

Corp., Static-Master Dept., 10155 Reading Road. Cincinnati. OH 45241, 513-786-3400.

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Phone Modem

Theall Engineering's Hayes-compatible 1.200-baud Smart Modemphone offers auto-dial, auto answer, and auto-baud-rate-select features. and a built-in telephone for voice communications.

The Modemphone includes a tone-sensing circuit, a 2-inch built-in speaker, and a clock/calendar so you can track the length of telephone calls on-screen. It also provides auto- red ial for busy signals. a self-test, and battery back-up.

The $289.95 Smart Modemphone connects to a standard RS-232C port. For more information, contact Theall Engineering Co.. P.O. Box 167. Oxford. PA 19363, 215-932 3488.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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