New Products

program. For more information, contact D.S. Brown. 17 Douglas Ave., Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. NE3 4XD. England. 091-285-8667. Circle 556 on Reader Service card.

Upgraded Profile

The Yankee Co. sells No-Limits. an add-on Profile data formatter, for $20. It works with the Models I. II. III. 4/4P. and 12.

For more information, contact The Yankee Co.. Route 940 and Camelot Drive. P.O. Box 613, Pocono Pines. PA 18350. 717-646-2114. Circle 553 on Reader Service card.

A Church Book

The Church Computer Manual ($12.95) by Lowell Brown and Wes Haystead (Tyndale House Publishers) helpĀ» you select, install, and use a computer in your church.

The book contains an introduction to computers and terminology: a discussion of

Circle 470 on Reader Service card areas where you can use a computer; and charts, graphs, assignments, worksheets. and humor to keep things interesting. The book also lists church manage ment software and vendors.

For details, contact Tyndale House Publishers Inc.. 336 Gundersen. Wheaton. IL 60187. 312-668-8300. Circle 556 on Reader Service card.

Circle 281 on Reader Service card

Magnified Letters

Compu-Lenz. a clip-on monitor attachment, reduces glare while increasing screen characters up to twice their normal size.

Compu-Lenz is a combination Fresnel lens, glare filter, and universal holder. It attaches to most monitors and you can adjust it to meet your needs.

The price of the unit is $149.95. For more information, contact Compu-Lenz, 220 Commerce Ave., Port Rlchey, FL 33568, 813-842-3231. Circle 563 on Reader Service card.

Build a Bridge

The Desktop/Laptop Bridge from Traveling Software allows you to exchange information between your Model 100 or 200 and the IBM PC or compatible computers (including the Models 1000 and 1200).

The program comes on a disk with any of the programs from the Business Manager

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