Meg Hard Drive

There are firms which offer benefits, experience or products seemingly too good to be true. Now why would you want to expose yourself to unhappiness when Aerocomp has a proven record of thousands of happy, satisfied TRS-80 customers. Just take a minute to look through back issues of this magazine. You won't find many companies that have been around as long as Aerocomp. We fully support TRS-80 computers and most all operating systems including CP/M 2.2. Aerocomp leads the way to low hard disk prices so you can afford to enjoy the benefits of increased storage and faster disk I/O. These units are precision engineered, tested and delivered complete and ready to use, right from our stock. Each unit is guaranteed for one year parts and labor. You can count on us to be here if you should ever need us. As always, your satisfaction is assured with our 14 day free trial offer. If. for some reason, you are dissatified with our drive merely return it for a full refund (less shipping). How can you go wrong? Specify the software driver of your choice and start enjoying your computer's real capability. Do it today! Call our toll-free number now!

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