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Load 80 • 80 Pine Street • Peterborough, NH 03458

"Ready to run" means the hard work has been done ahead of time! All you do is load and enjoy No keyboarding hassles. No debugging.

Every Load 80 features the high-quality tutorials, utilities, games, and word-processing programs you've come to expect from 80 Micro. It has everything you need for enjoyable, practical, easy TRS-80 computing.

A subscription to Load 80 is more than just a wise purchase. It's an investment! You'll be building your software library for a fraction of the cost of comparable programs sold in retail stores!

TRS-80 is a registered trademark ol Radio Shack, a division ol Tandy Corp

Yes! Save me time and money with LOAD 80. Send me*.

□ This month's LOAD 80 on cassette fa oniy $11.47

Pnces induce postage and handling Foreign airmail please add $1 90 pet item or $2S 00 per subscription U S funds drawn on US banks only



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