Development System

Now you can develop 2-80 based, stand-alone devices such as games, robots, instruments and peripheral controllers by using your TRS-80 as a development system. The DEVELOPMATE plugs into the expansion connector o( your TRS 80 and adds PROM PROGRAMMING and IN-CIRCUIT-EMULATION capabilities to your system

Complete instructions and sample schematics are included to help you design your own simple stand-alone microcomputer systems THESE SYSTEMS CAN BE AS SIMPLE AS FOUR ICs one TTL circuit lor clock and reset, a Z 80. an EPROM and one peripheral interlace chip

When the In Cwcuit Emulation cable is plugged into the Z-80 socket o' your stand alone system the system becomes a pad ot your TRS-80 You can use the full power ol your editor/assembler s debug and trace programs to check out both the hardware and the software Simple test loops can be used to check out the hardware, then the system program can be run to debug the logic ol your stand-alone device

Since the program is kept in TRS-80 RAM changes can be made quickly and easily When your stand-alone device works as desired you use the Developmate s PROM PROGRAMMER to copy the program into a PROM With this PROM and a Z-80 in place ol the emulation cable your stand-alone device will work by itselt

The DEVELOPMATE is extremely compact Both the PROM programmer and the In-Circurt-Emuiator are in one small plastic box only 3 2" ■ 5 4 A ime plug mounted power supply is included The PROM programmer has a personality module which delmes the voltages and connections ot the PROM so that future devices can be accommodated However, the system comes with a universal personality module which handles 2758.2508(8K| 2716 2516116K) 2532I32K). as well as the new electrically alterable 2816 and 48016(16K EEPROMs)

The COMPLETE DEVELOPMATE 83 with soltware. power supply, emulation cable, TRS-80 cable, and "universal" personality module, is ONLY $329!



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