Window Application Manager

o User definable activation character o Up to four nestable windows o Export 8nd import of data across windows o Function key invocation of applications o Online HELP facility o LIB EXEC gives access to DOS LIB commands o ADDRESS rotating cards and mailing labels o BRINGUP tickler file and appointment book o CAL month at a glance perpetual calendar o A four function Floating Point CALCulator o Seven function RPN CALC in base 2, 8, 10, 16 o 3 x 5 CARD filer and notepad o CHARSET computer character set table o Telephone list and autoDIALER o DOSAVE screen_to_disk saver o TERM mini-terminal facility o PSORT utility to sort data files o WINLINK device driver access from BASIC o Requires 128K 4/4p TRSDOS 6.2 or equivalent

$59.95; SAH $3 US, $4 Canada, $10 Foreign $49.95 Special Introduction Offer until August 31st!|

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