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Scripsit word processor. You can access a disk directory, delete a disk file, chain files together during printing, halt the printer during printout to insert text in the file, save blocked sections of text to disk, redefine your keyboard, reenter PowerScript with your text file intact after returning to DOS. and access an online help file. It also offers high-memory protection for machine-language programs. and four new cursor control functions (control/right- or left-arrow jumps one word, and control/up- or down-ar-row moves a screen of 12 lines).

You can invoke your printer's typeface features using embedded control codes or embedded control lines, and you can assign each control code (such as underlining. bold face, and expanded and contracted printing) to a key. You can even print graphics characters for headers.

You can also define printer control characters, redefine keyboard key characters, define new printer characters, send carriage returns with or without line feeds, select either the ROM or the PowerScript printer driver, and select the exact DOS patch needed for your system.

PowerScript works with all versions of Scripsit (Models I. III. and 4/4P). and operates under all the popular DOSes (TRSDOS 1.3. 2.3. 6.X: LDOS. DOS-PLUS 3.4. and NEWDOS/8O 2.X). The only disadvantage is that it reduces Scripsit's buffer size by about 2K.

PowerScript would be useful to Scripsit users who find its shortcomings annoying. but don't want to abandon it for another word processor.

—Terry Kepner

TKISolTer runs on the Model 4 (128K) under TRSDOS 6.X and requires two disk drives. Tandy^Radio Shack. One Tandy Center. Fort Worth. TX 76102. Radio Shack catalog number 26-1630. $299 95.

TK!Solver is designed to solve equations in analysis, design, and planning. While it's a powerful program, it runs slowly, with noticeable and annoying pauses between every command.

TK!Solver solves both simple and complex equations. For example, consider the equation A = B + C. You type in the equation, assign values to any two variables, and TKJSolver calculates the value of the third variable. It can also solve multiple simultaneous equations while changing units, develop tables of values such as monthly mortgage payments and loan amortization rates, draw simple graphs, work with both formulas and user-defined functions, and develop a series of solutions based on a list of variable values.

If it doesn't have enough information to derive a single, definitive solution to a series of equations, TKÎSolver uses an iterative technique to find the closest solutions to your best guess.

TKÎSolver is unlike any other program I've seen. Though some of its functions are similar to those of a spreadsheet, it operates differently. The program is divided into a number of "sheets" that act like scraps of paper. You can display any sheet or pair of sheets on the screen at one time. Use the sheets to hold formulas, variables, unit conversions, tables of values, and system parameters.

You enter information in the sheets for the problem you're working on. and move from one to another as needed. When you've entered all the information, you merely type an exclamation mark and TKÎSolver works out a solution.

Using TKÎSolver involves a lot of commands. The manual is several hundred pages long and it's generally clear. Half of it is a tutorial that takes you through most of TKÎSolver s functions. The other half is a reference section that explains each function in detail. Included with the documentation is a reference card and a large wall chart that shows how the various parts of the program interact.

—Hardin Brothers

Circle 249 on Reader Service card.

Type fast!

Hunt and peck is fine for chickens hut you can FasType. ~

• FasType" is the lun and easy way to learn to type.

• FasType ' teaches the TRS-80 111/4/4 P keyboard

• FasType" is machine language fast.

• FasType " is teacher written, classroom proven.

$39.95/disk plu>- $1.50 shipping. Arizona resident* add .V.. Specify model. Schools ask about our network version.

Press A' Software Box 364

Jerome. AZ 86331 602-634-2688

Press A' Software Box 364

Jerome. AZ 86331 602-634-2688

FOR TANDY 11/12/16/6000 (TRSDOS™, XENIX®, or CP/M®|

How much would you lose if a power failure, hardware glich, or other disaster damaged or destroyed your hard disk data files? How long would it take to reconstruct them? How would the loss affect your business?

SNAP BACK can't prevent a disaster. But it can back up your hard disk so quickly and inexpensively that you can always be prepared for the worst. This is possible because SNAPBACK is ...

• FAST. It copies 1.5 (Mod II) to 2.4 (Mod. 12/16/6000) Mbytes of data per minute to 8" floppy disks. Thus, you can back up a 15 Mbyte drive in as little as 7-8 minutes.

• FLEXIBLE. It works with any Model 11/12/16/6000, any 8.7/12/15/35 Mbyte Tandy drive, and any XENIX, TRSDOS, and/or CP/M data.

• EASY. Its menus make it a snap to back up or restore your data (with optional verification).

• INEXPENSIVE. It only costs SI 25.00.

If you value your data, you need SNAPBACK. It's the best insurance available.

The SNAPBACK package includes two bootable disks and complete documentation. To order, phone or write today.

(Mastercard, VISA, Check, or UPS COD ($2) accepted. Add $7.50 for handling/shipping. CA residents add 6% sales tax.)


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