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The Best in Technology for Under $1000

Whether you're a student, scientist, busy professional or home computer user, the Tandy 200 is a smart investment. The Tandy 200 even has parallel printer, RS-232C, cassette and bar code reader interfaces for added versatility. You can even add disk storage and a monitor for a complete desktop computer system.

some of the latest developments in computer software

some of the greatest developments in computer software


ENB is a "Relational data base manager" offering an excellent mixture of functions. These functions include: 1) True relation-al access; 2) Generalized data structures with variable-length fields, and no record-length constraints; 3) Structure extension without reorganisation or reprogramming; 4) Multiple disk-drive support; 5) Data Integrity; 6) High-level BASIC interface; 7) Menu-driven Interactive data entry/display.


One of the best and newest games from Infocom. A hilarious Science Fiction Adventure game developed from Douglas Adams' best selling novel. A must for any avid Adventurer!

Model 3/4 only $34 50


This compiler from Southern Software and Allen Gelder is one of the best It will give excellent performance improvements on most programs including games, graphics, etc. It compiles almost all BASIC commands, and produces fast machine language programs.


This integrated software package for the Model 4 combines word processing, dictionary, spreadsheet, data base management, and graphics all into one package. An excellent over-all package, and a great price!

Alcor C Compiler

Uses TRSDOS, LDOS, NEWDOS. DOSPLUS, or, MULTIDOS. A full K & R standard implementation of C language. Includes a Unix compatible function library, a 450 page manual with a tutorial on using the C language, full screen text editor, and an advanced development package. For anyone interested in C, this is the ideal time to try it out!

C Compiler, Model 1 or 3 (list $250) SALE PRICE $84.50

Alcor Multi-Basic Compiler

Uses TRSDOS. LOOS. NEWDOS, DOSPLUS, or MULTIDOS. Multi-Basic is a TRS-80 BASIC compatible compiler. There are versions for the Models 1, 3, and 4. All versions support everything in the TRSDOS 6 BASIC interpreter. The COMMON statement is the only one unsupported in the Model 4, and the exception in the Models 1 and 3 is the CMD statement. Multi-Basic supports advanced language features, eg. multi-line procedures and functions, recursion, dynamic string management, etc. and includes full screen text editor and advanced development package.

Multi-Basic Compiler (list $250) BASIC PRICE $84.50

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