Utility Programs For Model I

BSH BASIC SCREES Hard«* alowf tv jsb to Ion* and save hi rami lo b* jseti by a BASiC proyam Varabto m cxfrwä to bracftar jmcnc or num«nc to be Jiput onK output orA or input output

CFP-Command Fifc Pttxeaor afcws the user lo save a tenes d commands nafür and havetho*.ommarcsprocess« aw»at<!he% «w iwngen KNdbylwnd

PATCH » a p»oy<wn tteqned lor the assembler proyammet k > âller U6 JtCT cod* iCMD or CIM Wöi. without Saving to iwswntNe and Ink the sot«» code

D1C0PY -sa toe cop«» lot usmti^ only one disk dm* on ihe» computet syflem

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