The Complete Cash Register And Inventory Control System


• Heavy duty 15 6 W * 16 6"L x 4 4 H metal cash drawer

• Locking drawer with removeable money tray

• Drawer works automatically or manually — connects directly to cassette port


• Assign code numbers to your merchandise or services —You enter the code number, the screen displays price and item, then updates inventory and sales records

• Calculates subtotals, totals, sales tax (if applicable), and change

• Screen displays in double size characters for easy viewing

• Will maintain inventory and sales records for over 3000 items (with two disk drives).

• Produces daily, monthly and annual inventory, sales and tax reports

• Totals by employee cashier

• Printer generates sales receipt

• Cash drawer opens automatically

• Straight dollar entry cash register program available for tape systems

TRS-80 Model III or IV disk and drawer $179.00

TRS-80 Model III or IV tape and drawer $169.00

please specify model when ordering Calif residents please add 6% state sales tax check or money order to

APCA Systems • PO Box 978 * Arbuckle. CA 95912 for COD orders (916) 476-3356 'TRS-80 is a trademark of Tandy Corporation

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