Small Business Accounting

Based on Dome Bookkeeping Record *612. this program keeps track of income, expenses, and payroll for a small business

Complete ledgers are maintained for both income and expenses The program computes monthly, through last month, and year to date summaries.

The payroll section (not included in cassette version) contains provision for up to 99 employees with up to six categories of deductions. The program can print both checks and summaries of payroll for one employee or all employees.

Model 1/3/4 disk version $59.95 Model 1/3/4 cassette version $29.95 Mod. 2/12 or IBM PC version . $39.95


A complete course in assembly language, written for the beginner. Contents include:

• The Z-80 instruction set

• Using the F.ditor/Assembler •Reading, printing, and moving data

• Arithmetic operations with integers

• Floating-point and BCD numbers

• Logical and bit operations

• Cassette input and output

• USR subroutines in BASIC •RS-232-C data communications

• Disk input and output

• The TRSDOS 1.3 disk operating system

With the book you can also purchase Monitor *5. a comprehensive machine language monitor and debugger program (Monitor *5 also avail for Models 1 & 4 )

Book only $16.95

Book and Monitor #5 $29.95

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