Quick Compress

This program is a must for everyone who uses "basic" on a trs-80 It reduces string compression delays by 95% or more. You suffer from these delays whenever you run a BASIC program. Your computer locks up for seconds, or minutes, and you may even think it's "crashed." trashman fixes the problem!

"... m those programs that use hundreds of string arrays the time saved is outstanding."80MICRO, Jan. 83 "Works great had 45 sec. delays in pnnhng. now almost no delays. " D. T.

Models I&m, Disk $39.95

FASTER speeds up most TRS-80 BASIC programs by 20-50%. It arranges variables so the ROM will find them faster.

Models I&m, 16-48K Tape or Disk, all DOSs. $29.95

Removes blanks and remarks in less than 3 seconds.

Models I&m, Tape or Disk $19.95 SPECIAL. FASTER & QUICK. $39.95

ErRaTiC D^k drives?

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