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felt there would be little competition between the Apricot and the Tandy machines, but if there is, Tandy's wider distribution of its machines is expected to more than make up for it.

Juge said, "You won't see any of ACT's machines in U.S. Radio Shack Computer Centers." But he indicated that nothing was cast in stone and that Tandy is willing to listen to any proposal that will enhance its position in the market.

Since April 1982, Radio Shack has sponsored a quarterly grant program to promote computers in education. The Tandy TRS-80 Educational Grants Program has awarded over $850,000 worth of hardware and software to 79 individuals and institutions to date.

Tandy presents the awards to individuals or schools that submit the best research proposals on a topic Tandy chooses. For example, the 10th quarterly cycle of the program, which ended December 31, 1984, accepted outlines on the topic "Managing Instruction with Microcomputers."

The 11th cycle of the Tandy program will award prizes on the best proposals for "Applications of Microcomputers in Special Education." Proposals are due March 31, 1985.

You can get a grant application, including format and content procedures, by writing Tandy c/o The TRS-80 Educational Grants Program, Radio Shack Education Division, 1400 One Tandy Center, Fort Worth, TX 76102.


In the past, finding software from

Microsoft Corp. on retailers' shelves was easy—you just had to look for the forest green packages. But according to some marketing consultants, the green packages weren't catching many consumers' eyes. In fact, studies show that consumers more frequently associate green with frozen vegetables or chewing gum.

Microsoft is taking the cue. The high-tech software company is about to become more visible with new crimson red and royal blue packages for their products.

The matter of making Microsoft's products stand out from the crowd in

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