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* HIGH RESOLUTION - 60 x 72 data Point*/inch. « LARGE DATA CAPACITY - lOOO Input Data Point* per graph. • SELECTABLE GRAPH SIZES - Fro« I" mq. to 7" x 24" « STANDARD DATA SOURCE -Plots Data from VISICALC or riULTIPLAN Spreadsheets utmg the DIFT* or SYLK Formats. • GRAPH FEATURE SELECTION - Fill out Pre-formated Morksheet Form with VISICALC or riULTIPLAN Program.

« MINIMAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS -Enter only nam* o* Datafile and location therein of data to be plotted, » MULTIPLE FUNCTION GRAPHS - Plots over 10 Data

Seta per graph. * DATA SYMBOLS - Plots data Mith user composed symbol shapes. • DATA INTERPOLATION - connects data points Mith user composed line shapes. * LINE/SYMBOL LIBRARIES - Plots data with 324 different Line/Symbol Shapes chosen from 27 line/symbol libraries. • CUSTOM LINES AND SYMBOLS - Has Interactive sceen-graphics program for composing symbol shapes. • AUTO SCALING - Selects scale value* for ease of graph interpretation. User adluatable Manti**a Table. I SCALE SELECTION - Has Linear, or LOG Scales Mith selectable pattern of grid lines. * CALENDAR SCALE - Optionally prints names of month on horizontal scale. t CURVE SELECTION - Can Mix Scatter, Line, Curve-Fit, Stairstep, Bargraphs. Pie Charts. » OPTIONAL MIN/MA» VALUES -Extends graph beyond the values of the Data Sets. • DATA SET DESCRIPTIONS - Prints text descriptions of each Data Set in graph legend. * TEXT ENTRYS - Prints graph title, axis label*, and date on qr*ph. * USER FRIENDLY - Check* validity of input data and display* cause of errors. • COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION - Comprehenslve 100 page Users Manual with examples covering data preparation, graph feature entry, composing lines and symbols, and technical notes.

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