Lets Talk Closes The Communications Gap Between Today S Popular Personal Computers

LETS TALK is a complete package for fully supported communications between any of these computers. In any direction. Without additional expense. LETS TALK is a simple, straightforward program that transfers ASCII data files, including BASIC and VisiCalc®, from one computer to another. Precisely Easily. Without professional, expensive data processing expertise. LETS TALK allows two computers to communicate directly with each other in a "conversational mode" when not actually transferring data. And. LETS TALK can send or retrieve files of any size from unattended

/-. computers, at three different speeds.


50p"rujpne coop Making dollars and sens« out of Information.

Now available at Radio Shack stores through Express Order Software Program.

TRS-80 Is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation. Tandy 2000 Is a trademark of Tandy Corporation Vlsl Calc Is a registered trademark of VlslCorp IBM PC and PC XT are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. COMPAQ Is a trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation a «vision oT tha gixxtw grw*. Inc. 12900 Proton M . Ml«. Tnti 7S2JO (214) 21MM] UT S TALK mdudas all (*M«R«s lor aac* o< tht above computer» Suggested retail prtca S179 00 ♦ is 00 ihlpptng

NEW PRODUCTS / edited by Robert Mitchell

Infocom's latest adventure game leaves the Earth entirely.

The book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is now an adventure game from Infocom. Adapted from Douglas Adam's novel, Hitchhiker's Guide takes you on a trip across the universe as hapless Earthling Arthur Dent trying to escape the earth's destruction.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is $39.95 from Infocom Inc., 55 Wheeler St., Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-492-1031.

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Terms of Communication

Omniterm2 is a communications package for the novice or sophisticated user that lets your Model 1000, 1200, or 2000 access communications services or talk with other computers.

Omniterm 2 can also access Xenix multi-user systems. The package includes a keyboard overlay, two disks, and documentation for $175.

For more information, contact Lindbergh Systems at 49 Beechmont St., Worcester, MA 01609, 617-263-5049.

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On the Fast Track

Logical Systems Inc. (8970 N. 55th St., P.O. Box 23956, Milwaukee, WI 53223, 800-248-3535) offers a utility that adds zip to your Model 4.

The DSM4 disk virtual sort utility ($99) eliminates manually sorting through individual applications programs by creating and maintaining an overall program index. DSM4 selects, sorts, and creates an index of up to 1,000 records. Circle 552 on Reader Service card.

Slim Whitman— The Programmer

Most people don't know that Slim Whitman is one of the world's most popular programmers as well as an international singing star. In fact, his packages have sold over 10 million copies in Europe alone. Now Software Imports is bringing the best of Whitman's programs to the U.S. Included are "Checkbook Serenade," "Word Processing by Moonlight," "My Spreadsheet Amour," and "The Recipe Yodel."

The programs, originally written for the Timex/ Sinclair, have been converted for nearly aD currently available micros. To order your copy, call 1-800-555-5555. That's 1-800-555-

5555. Operators are standing by.

What an IDEA!

Traveling Software's new IDEA! outline processor for the Model 100 helps manage information. It incorporates a word processor and data base in one program for drafting articles, organizing lists, creating proposals, brainstorming, and scheduling appointments.

IDEA! is $79.95, and includes a manual and introduction on audio cassette. The program is available at Radio Shack stores, or by contacting Traveling Software at 11050 Fifth Ave. N.E., Seattle, WA 98125, 206-367-8090.

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Games Made Here

Basic Adventure and Strategy Game Design for the TRS-80, by Jim Menick ($9.95) shows beginning and intermediate programmers how to create TRS-80

Disk Basic computer games.

Tips for adventure game designers include how to create player puzzles, monitor player and room variables, and develop program vocabulary. Strategy-game designers can learn efficient program structuring and how to use algorithms and character graphics.

The book includes a glossary, an index, and a line-by-line breakdown of two game programs. Contact Facts on File Publications, 13050 S. Pulaski Road, Alsip, IL 60658 for more details.

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Getting Your Lines Crossed

FPTransfer from The Small Computer Co. (230 W. 41st St., Suite 1200, New York, NY 10036, 212-398-9290) lets you transfer files between any two computers.

This stand-alone FilePro enhancement program transfers all types of files, and can transfer files from single-user to multiuser systems.

FPTransfer is available for the Models II, 16, 1000, 1200, and 2000 for $145. Circle 555 on Reader Service card.

Crayola Plotter

The Crayola Plotter represents Crayola's entry into high technology. Using sophisticated, wax-based pens, the Crayola Plotter offers, the company says, "an optimum price-performance ratio." The pens,

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