FREE--TRS-80 Mod 1,111 & 4 programs supplied on DosPlus (minimum system) Complete

DosPlus also available ersaBusiness" Series

Each VERSABUSINESS module can be purchased and used independently, or can be linked in any combination to form a complete, coordinated business system.

versareceivables" $99.95

versa Receivables'* is a complete menu-driven accounts receivable, invoicing, and monthly statement generating system It keeps track of all information related to who owes you or your company money, and can provide automatic billing for past due ac counts. VERSARECEIVABLES" prints all necessary statements, invoices, and summary reports and can be linked with VERSA LEDGER IP and VERSAlNVENTORY**.

versapayables- $99.95

VERSA PAYABLES'* is designed to keep track of current and aged payables, keeping you in touch with all information regarding how much money your company owes, and to whom. VERSAPAYABLES" maintains a complete record on each vendor, prints checks, check registers, vouchers, transaction reports, aged payables reports, vendor reports, and more. With VERSAPAYABLES", you can even let your computer automatically select which vouchers are to be paid.

versapayroll" $99.95

VERSA PAYROLL'" is a powerful and sophisticated, but easy to use payroll system that keeps track of all government required payroll information. Complete employee records are maintained, and all necessary payroll calculations are performed automatically, with totals displayed on screen for operator approval A payroll can be run totally, automatically, or the operator can intervene to prevent a check from being printed, or to alter information on it. If desired, totals may be posted to the VERSALEDGER IP system.

versalnventory" $99.95

VERSA INVENTORY" is a complete inventory control system that gives you instant access to data on any item. VERSA INVENTORY" keeps track of ail information related to what items are in stock, out of stock, on backorder, etc., stores sales and pricing data, alerts you when an item falls befow a preset reorder point, and allows you to enter and print invoices directly or to link with the VERSARECEIVABLES" system. VERSA INVENTORY" prints all needed inventory listings, reports of items bebw reorder point, inventory value reports, period and year-to-date sales reports, price lists, inventory checklists, etc.

VersaLedger ir


jsyourt grows. VersaLedger IF" can be used as a simple personal checkbook register, expanded to a small business bookkeeping system or developed into a large corporate general ledger system without any additional software.

• VersaLedger Ir" gives you almost unlimited storage capacity

(300 to 10,000 entries per month, depending on the system),

• stores all check and general ledger information forever,

• prints tractor feed checks,

• handles multiple checkbooks and general ledgers,

• prints 17 customized accounting reports including check registers, balance sheets, income statements, transaction reports, account listings, etc.

VersaLedger IP comes with a professionally-written 160 page manual designed for first-time users. The VersaLedger Ir" manual will help you become quickly familiar with VersaLedger IP, using complete sample data files supplied on diskette and more than 50 pages of sample printouts.

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