Figure 4. Example of a data printout (menu item 7).

Figure 4. Example of a data printout (menu item 7).

Photo 1. Line graph of annual data.
Photo 2. Line graph with three years of annual data. 44 • 80 Micro, April 1985

5). For each year, Grapher displays the average of the year's data in a bar.

Option 12 redisplays the last graph plotted. This is useful if you accidentally hit a key before you're done examining the graph. It's also useful for examining the graph before dumping it to the printer.

If you choose this option without first plotting a graph, you'll see a blank screen. Press any key to return to the main menu. Your data is still intact.

Printing Graphs

Option 13 dumps a graph to any graphics printer. It uses the print routines on the disk that comes with the high-resolution graphics board. Select the print routine (GPRINT/CMD, GPRT2/CMD, or GPRT3/CMD) you want to use.

When you first choose this routine, it displays a warning that you might lose your data, and prompts you to continue, save your data and continue, or return to the menu. Using this routine probably won't damage your data, but I recommend saving it to be sure.

Exiting the Program

Option 14 exits the program and returns you to Basic Ready. If you select this by accident, you can return to the menu with your data intact by typing GOTO 360.

If an error occurs in the program, Grapher displays the error number and the line number in which the error occurs, then returns to the menu.


I disabled the break key to protect against accidentally erasing the program. To reenable the break key, remove the remark prompts in lines 160 and 5850.

This program is a good foundation for additional features. You might want to graph running averages, calculate and print a table of seasonal indexes, or calculate and print nonsea-sonal data. You might also want to modify the graph labels to allow other than annual and monthly data. ■

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Corbani, John. "Business Graphics," May 1983, p. 326. A Model l/III business graphics utility.

Photo 4. Bar graph of monthly data.
Photo 5. Bar graph of annual data.

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