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A touch of the keyboard opens a window in your screen for-a Note Pad, an Appointment Calendar, a Calculator, even a Mini Data Base. All yours for just $49! Need RAM? Monte's Christmas gift to you - 64K and the window, both for $99!

Once Upon A Time,

Monte Zuma, our Founder, President and King, has always had trouble keeping his desk organized. The Sidekick™ from Borland International would solve the problem, but alas, it was not available for CP/MSo Monte asked his favorite nephew, the legendary LaMont E. Zuma (distant cousin to Rondo Talbot, a direct descendant of Monte Zuma hisself) to work on the problem as best he could during recess at the home. LaMont, a true legend in his own time, really outdid himself this time. A touch of both shift keys halts your application program in its tracks and up pops Monte's WindowM ready to use. What could be simpler? Put an end to the fumbling and pawing around the pile of papers on your desk. You will find Monte's Window" indispensable. When you are finished, break back to your application program and it resumes without error. Monte's Window " is truly a breakthrough. See for yourself-Look through Monte's WindowM on your Model 4. How did you ever get along without it? See the page opposite for order information. Monte's Window" is available right now.

That Unlocks Your Model 4

CP/M is the standard 8-bit Z-80 operating system and many thousands of programs have been written to run under this system. With Montezuma Micro's CP/M you can run these programs on your Model 4/4P. Think about all those nationally known programs you've wanted to use. Programs like WordStar dBASE II; SuperCalc; MultiPlan etc. With our version of CP/M 2.2 all those public domain programs on bulletin boards across the USA are available forfree downloading. CP/M is the missing link that joins all this software to your Model 4/4P. Montezuma Micro's CP/M comes ready to use and requires no hardware modifications. This product has been awarded the best and highest ratings in the reviews and we are continuously improving it with you in mind. With our CP/M you get more than just a DOS. You get the other half of your Model 4/4P.


Optional Hard Disk Drive Support $ 30

(Radio Shack 5M, 12M, 15M, 35M • Aerocomp/Percom 5M. 10M, 15M, 30M • Bl-T»ch 5M. 10M, 11M, 15M, 20M, 30M, 40M)

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