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of the time of the Basic program.

In addition to running the 12 tests, I used Vivace on two Basic programs. One, a program that generates a maze, executed in 48 percent of the time of the Basic version. The other, an educational program with graphics, executed in approximately 71 percent of the time for the Basic version.

Vivace Features

Vivace's forte is its ease of operation and its total compatibility with Basic. The need for user input is minimal. Vivace lets you chain programs with the Run and Load commands. Vivace will bypass certain commands, like List, Save, and Edit; if Vivace encounters these commands, it skips over them—you don't have to rewrite your Basic program.

Vivace supports full error-trapping, too. For example, Basic On Error GOTO and Resume commands operate correctly. You can even terminate program execution with the break key.

In addition, Vivace lets you use command line arguments with pro grams. When you run a Vivace-generated program, you can enter words you want entered in response to program prompts after you type in the program name. The command line sequentially substitutes a word each time the program calls for input (with the Input or LINEINPUT statements), superseding normal keyboard input. When the command line runs out of words to insert, the program reverts to accepting input from the keyboard.

Using Vivace

When you compile a program with Vivace, you have to use the disk supplied. Vivace comes on a protected disk that includes a program to transfer TRSDOS (and DOSPLUS for the Model 4) to it. You also get a backup disk.

After specifying the input and output files for compilation, you can set a parameter string. The parameter string establishes the number of input/output files and protects memory size your program may need. These are optional; you enter them in much the same way you enter them from the command line in TRSDOS before getting into Basic. Your TRSDOS manual doesn't document these commands, though they're available. The Vivace manual explains them.

You have to run Vivace-generated programs with a file called Vi-vace/LIB, which you can transfer to your working disks.

While the manual for Vivace is only five pages long, it's sufficient to learn how to use it.

Hardware vs. Software

Using software, Vivace speeds up most programs by about the same amount as a speed-up kit does using hardware. Where a hardware speedup kit gives an across-the-board, consistent improvement in speed, Vivace improves the speed of certain programming functions to a greater degree than others. For example, programs with extensive string-handling routines will benefit most by Vivace. These include data bases, mailing lists, property management programs, and so on.

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