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Why buy expensive Data Base programs that are only half effective and require the original Data Basesystem disk to run the finished program'' The Producer is a Program Generator that can create the exact programs you want

You don't need any previous programming experience since The Producer writes all the code for you And when the program is finished, it runs without the support of the original Producer system disk

What Kind of Programs Can The Producer Write?

With the Producer you can create impressive, sophisticated and functional software to manage your data. The only limit is your imagination. You can quickly and easily create programs to manage such things as mail lists personnel records, inventory control, library catalogs, loan calculations, personal finances, and maintenance schedules.

You may never again need to buy a canned program to perform a needed task related to data storage and retrieval The Producer can write all those programs for you. including the capacity to do all standard calculations and to generate both on-screen and printed reports The freeform report generator even allows you to design reports on your preprinted forms.

How Does The Producer Work?

The Producer itself is a sophisticated program based on years of research and development But The Producer was written with the end user in mind and the program generation process is quite simple.

You can begin by using a planning form designed to help you organize your program ideas The Producer then asks you a series of simple English questions to enable those ideas to be translated into a program format. You use the computer's arrow keys and graphic characters to draw the data entry screen just the way you want it

Then with the press of a button, the program generator takes over and does all that complex coding for you in a matter of minutes. The result is a complete program, capable of running by itself That means your customized programs may be used independently of The Producer (A feature not possible with Data Base creations.) You may duplicate your Producer generated programs and even sell them for others to use, without paying royalties

How Difficult Is The Producer Process to Learn?

The Producer software package makes learning simple An easy to follow tutorial takes you through each step of The Producer process as you sit at the computer (This includes audio cassette tapes with the Model l/lll versions ) This hands-on experience not only teaches you the process but allows you to create a program of your own design while you learn The tutorial is all you need to get started

Later if you have need for more specific information, you can turn to the fully indexed Producer Reference Manual. The 200 pages of documentation co^er virtually any question you may have so you will never be left guessing what to do next The Producer package also includes a quick reference card to streamline your program operation and. should you ever need technical assistance you may call a Producer Software technician for free counsel and trouble shooting

Is It True That I Can Both Create and Edit At Will With The Producer?

Yes' Unlike most other program generators. The Producer gives you complete freedom to design the screen any way you wish Experiment, rearrange, "cut and paste" between trial screens That's the kind of versatility you get And even after your program is complete, you can change your mind With The Producer you can edit and refine finished programs without starting over That's a real time saving

What Are Some Other Outstanding Features Of The Producer?

• Our B-Tree file structure gives extremely fast access to data, allows global search and replace, data entry by batch mode and automatic file rebuilding

• The Screen Generator is the best anywhere at any price and gives full screen control including graphics You can add. insert, or delete, and moveblocks of text on screen and between screens

• All math calculations are supported including subtotals and global recalculations

• The Freeform Report Generator gives you an amazing versatility to design text placement, interfield calculations, and formats You can even print reports on your standard forms

• The Producer package also includes a free Home Inventory program and a one year subscription to The Producer Newsletter

The Producer


Available now for TRS-80 Models I, III, IV

Ask about DATA SHUFFLER. New Sort/Merge Program S34 95 Order toll free:

1-800-433-5355 Texas 817 274-6998

Producer Software. Box 1245, Arlington. Texas 76004

Circle 76 on Reader Service caro.

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