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above, then type in Listing 2 and merge Sort4 with it (MERGE "SORT4"). Run the merged program. You'll notice a short pause, during which the program sums the data values and checks the total, called a hash total, to make sure it's correct. If not, the program displays an error message.

If the total is correct, the program displays 200 seven-character strings, randomly sequenced, and prompts you to press the enter key to start the sort. In under a second, you'll see the strings redisplayed in sorted alphabetical order.

Routine Matters

Sort4's heart is the machine-language code in data lines 2-5, which is POKEd into the high RAM area you protected from Basic. Although I said earlier that this area started at location 65,304 (FF18 hexadecimal), you don't have to use that address. If, for example, you're already using part of that area for a printer driver, change the 65,304 in line 1 to a lower address. The program automatically handles all relocation.

Remember, however, that SORT4 requires a 232-byte protected memory area, so be sure to change your Basic load command accordingly. If you change line 1 to read S4PTR! = 62000, you should load Basic by typing in BASIC (M = 61999).

Incidentally, the data statements' negative values indicate that the program calculates relocation parameters before it POKEs anything.

Line 14 passes a 4-byte parameter string to the SORT4 machine code. The routine uses the disk-related function MKI$ to store the two integer values most efficiently: as a pointer to the array and a value indicating the number of strings you'U sort.

The array pointer's code in line 14 may seem strange, but it serves a purpose. If you specify a subscript beyond the dimensioned limit, Basic will return an error message, thereby protecting your data in memory from the machine code. ■

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