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Stop Basic!

Model 4 Basic users (TRSDOS 6.1.2) can keep Basic from converting CHR$(9)s or horizontal tabs into a string of spaces with a POKE &H40FD.&H18 command.

This is especially useful when you're producing dot graphics on a printer as this is the only character that doesn't reproduce correctly.

Seth Monger 4694 Coos Bay Wagon Road Roseburg, OR 97470 Printing Problems

When using the DWP-410 Super-Scripsit printer driver with my DWP-210 printer in proportional space mode, I encountered this problem: Three characters (the hyphen, uppercase M, and uppercase W) on the proportional print wheel have a different width on the DWP-210. As a result, lines with these characters don't justify properly. Also, the bold print feature works incorrectly with these char acters. You can correct the DWP-410 printer driver with the following patches in Model III TRSDOS: PATCH DWP410/CTL. (ADD = BAE2.FIND

= 10,CHG = 0E) PATCH DWP410/CTL (ADD = BBOC,FIND = 10.CHG = 0E)

To avoid any confusion over drivers, change the name of the patched driver to DWP210/CTL and the printer type on existing documents to DWP210.

Matt Parker P.O. Box 296 Grayson, LA 71435

A Change for the Better

Here's a short modification to MPBANK/JCL for Model 4 Multi-plan that lets you see your storage disk directory before you enter Multiplan. My routine first sets up the Memdisk and gives you these three options: enter Multiplan without a file, display the directory in drive 1 and then enter MP and the file you want loaded, or exit to DOS. Line 6 sounds several tones that prompt you to enter your choice.

My method takes just a few seconds longer to run than the regular MP-BANK, but the added options are worth the wait. You can also apply the program to Scripsit and Lazy Writer.

I system (drive = 2,driver = "MEMDISK") 2D

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