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Tally the value of your stock portfolio and compare its current worth with your original investment.

Keeping track of stock investments has never been easy; new purchases and sales complicate your record-keeping. Paper records with handwritten entries can lead to confusing valuations and messy paperwork. But you can efficiently maintain buying, selling, and current-price information for your investments, later recalling only what's applicable to the dates you specify, with Stockvalue.

Stockvalue is a 16K Model 1/1II pon-folio management package that uses a system I developed during 25 years of tracking investments (see Program Listing 1). It lets you record investments, calculate portfolio values at any time, and compare current valuations to original investments.

Stockvalue also keeps track of profits and losses from closed transactions. Because the program is divided into sections, you can easily add format revisions or additional reports. After years of using dog-eared, marked-up records, I find Stockvalue a pleasure.

Program Overview

Like most financial analysis programs, Stockvalue has sections for data entry, data processing and calculations, and reports.

I designed Stockvalue's data entry to be as fast and efficient as possible. You can enter data directly into the program using data statements. This requires some programming knowledge, but it avoids data input and output problems, such as the loss of data on unintentional

The Key Box

Models I and III 16K RAM Cassette Basic 32K RAM Disk Basic Printer Optional

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