Technical Information

The PRODUCER provides many advanced features which allow you to do "magic" with the programs you create.


*Use the full screen (all lines and column positions) 'Create a professional well organized screen with graphics 'Save up to 9 separate screens in memory at one time and get instant access to each 'Move the cursor to any location on the screen 'Replicate bars/lines/graphics to define certain screen areas 'Access an instantly available Help Menu of all Screen

Editor commands 'Insert and delete any character with a single keystroke 'Clear or erase selected areas of any screen 'Insert and delete whole lines on the screen 'Center any text on the screen

'Move any rectangular block of text anywhere on the screen (block move)

'Create titles with asingle keystroke largegraphic letteralphabet 'Move portions of screens between different screens (cut and paste)

'Save any number of screens to disk at any time 'Recall any screen from disk any time 'Create BASIC lines to re-create any screen


'Rapidly access records with BTREE File structure 'Search for a record with only the first few letters of the name or key (partial key) (Example: locate PRODUCER by typing PR)

'Recall and edit duplicate and multiple keys (Example: Several last names may be the same on a file and you can find and edit them individually

'Fully edit any part of a previously entered record 'Recover unused space automatically upon deletion of a record 'Enter data very fast with the special batch mode 'Recall immediately any record after it's been entered, eliminating time consuming sorting and indexing 'Rapidly access any record anytime (2-4 seconds average) 'Globally search and replace data in certain fields in selected record range 'Automatically rebuild any file to meet new specifications. No need to re-enter data when a file needs to be restructured. 'Balance any BTREE file automatically to reorganize and speed up file access time

'Recover from power failure and easily rebuild files that have been damaged. Avoid laborious re-entry of long data files


'Insert and delete characters at any position in any field. No "back to start" retyping of data

'Move forward or back to previously entered fields to edit using the arrow keys. Totally non-destructive cursor. Does not require re-entering of each data field 'Move within any field using the arrow keys 'Move instantly to any field with Control G command 'Exit from input/edit mode at any point allowing immediate escape from data entry mode. Allows partial information to be entered for each record without the annoying, time consuming need to press ENTER for each blank field not used at the time of entry

'Duplicate field information from a previous record with one keystroke. No need to re-enter duplicate information, addresses, etc. on consecutive records

'View a custom prompt, your own custom reminder or help message for each field with 1 keystroke 'Verify each character typed automatically 'Enter data as fast as you want, even if you are a speed typist 'View visible display of automatic field length restrictions 'View prompts for each field showing number of characters allowed

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