Printed Reports

'Create up to 9 separate reports at a time in a finished program 'Generate any number of reports you want (no limit) 'Select reports by name from a report menu in the program 'Select from six different automatic report formats including custom mailing labels

'Instantly print reports by key with no time consuming sort necessary

'Sort and print any other (non key) field with the fast machine language sort

'Sort only records that meet your search criteria 'Sort on more than one field if desired

'Use any restrictions or search criteria to determine which records will be included in a report

'Use any number of multiple search criteriea (including logical) (Example: You can search for all the males who are single, and drive a car that are over 24 years old but less than 35 years old

'Send any special command to your printer before or after any report

'Specify any line length needed and any page length desired 'Select single line or multiple lines per record, even one page per record

'Total any fields during the report (running totals)

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