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TRS-80 is tm of Radio Shack, a Tandy Corp


1. Speed increases of 10- 100 times are typical after compilation.

2. Compiled code can be RELOCATED to run anywhere in memory. Code is even ROMablel


4. ZBASIC 2.2 is now a super tool for business programmers: RANDOM ACCESS FILES, and PRINT USING statements are supported as well as a HIGH PRECISION MATH package (with no rounding problems).

5. Special BUILT-IN MACHINE LANGUAGE COMMANDS to increase program operation by as much as 1000 timesl Special commands are implemented for fast memory searching (CPDR, CPIR), block memory moves (LDIR, LDDR), inputting and printing HEX numbers, inserting MACHINE LANGUAGE into COMPILED CODE, disabling and enabling interrupts, inverting memory, 16 bit PEEKs and POKEs, and stack control, debug and much more.

6. ZBASIC 2.2 compiles the ENTIRE PROGRAM into to Z-80 machine language. (Not 8080 code or a combination of BASIC and machine language like some other compilers.) Clumsy LINKING LOADERS, and RUNTIME MODULES are not needed; ZBASIC 2.2 creates a ready to run MACHINE LANGUAGE program.

7. NO ROYALTIES imposed on registered ZBASIC owners.

8. Typical COMPILATION TIME is TWO SECONDS for a 4K program.

9. Use TRS-80 Basic to write ZBASIC programs!

10. Compile many existing programs with only minor changes. (Some BASIC programming experience is required.) I 1. Fully compatible with both the Model I and the Model III. Mod I compiled programs work on a MODEL III, and visa-versa. ZBASIC works with NEWDOS-8O, NEWDOS+, DOSPLUS, LDOS, MULTIDOS, ULTRADOS, TRSDOS etc.

12. BUILT-IN and much improved MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS commands.

13. Improved CHAINING for disk users.

14. TIME $ now available on DISK version.

1 5. ZBASIC 2.2 now has an INPUT @ command (similar to PRINT @). 16. The TAB function will now tab 255 columns on a printer. (BASIC cannot tab past column 64.)

I 7. NEWDOS 80 2.0 USERS can use the CMD "dos command" functionI


19. New math functions to calculate XOR and INTEGER REMAINDERS

20. Logical STRING COMPARISONS are now supported.

21. The disk commands INSTR, MIDS ASSIGNMENT are now supported on both DISK AND TAPE ZBASIC.

22. DEFSTR is now supported.

23. Eight disk files may be opened simultaneously; random, sequential or mixed.

24. LINE INPUT#, is now supported

25. Invoke the compiler by simply hitting these two keys: ":-"


27. ZBASIC 2.2 Comes with CMDFILE/CMD program from MISOSYS, to allow appending or merging compiled programs and machine language programs from tape or disk.

surround a block of text with a box, or draw detailed diagrams and illustrations. (See Fig. 2.)

As a word processing program, Copyart is good. As a word processing program with integral graphics capabilities, Copyart is fabulous.

Word IV and Word V Micro Architect 96 Dothan Street Arlington, MA 02124 Model I

Word IV and Word V are Basic printing programs operated under the Microsoft Basic Compiler's BRUN module. Both use text files created in Basic and saved on disk with the ASCII option. Text entered under Basic requires an apostrophe at the beginning of each line to identify it as a remark. They suffer the reversed-case storage limitation: Uppercase letters are saved as lowercase and vice versa, but can print both cases even if a lowercase modification has not been installed in the computer. Like other Basic word processors, the programs require that each line be terminated by enter.

Format lines in the Basic file are identified with a period and tell the program to set page and line lengths, margins and line spacing. Word IV and Word V can also justify, center lines of text, and print page numbers and titles. Special characters may be output to control smart-printer functions such as lines per inch and condensed or wide character fonts.

Both programs require two disk drives. Word IV operates with 32K, Word V with 48K.

Word V is very like its brother, but does not require the apostrophe at the beginning of each line when using the optional editor. It includes a file/merge option to produce form letters from a mailing list for a personalized touch.

Special Delivery Software Concepts 13534 Preston Road Suite 142 Dallas, TX 75240 Models I & III $125 disk $199 with Xtra

Xtra Special Delivery gives mainframe capabilities to form-letter processing on the TRS-80. With it, businessmen can communicate through their mailing lists just like the big boys with codes calling up entire paragraphs suited to their customer.

Special Delivery includes two main programs: Mailform and Mailrite, both written in machine language. Mailform creates a mailing list in a clear, menu-driven format with controls to manipulate and search records, edit and sort them. Data fields include name, company, address, city, state, zip and two general data areas. Movement from one field to another is easily performed with the cursor keys, and errors may be signaled by a buzzer attached to the cassette port.

Mailrite combines a Mailform list with a text file created by such programs as Electric Pencil or Scripsit to produce tailored form letters. Mailrite recognizes codes embedded in the text file to insert data wherever it is desired. The last name, first name or full name may be taken from the mailing list and inserted anywhere identified within the text, and so may be the company name, address, city, state, zip or information from the two data fields.

Mailrite also recognizes codes to change margins from within the text as well as send special printer codes. The program supports underscore and boldface with printers that do not send line feeds with each carriage return. It includes a homograph or conditional hyphen—especially important where inserted data from a file is of variable length and line lengths are unknown.

It is with the Xtra option that Special Delivery enters the field of the mainframe computers. Xtra uses a keyfile to interpret Mailform codes during printout. The code VP may be identified to print out "Vice President," or 106 may represent an entire paragraph that begins, "The item which you ordered is not in stock at the present time "

The codes that Xtra uses can be located in any of the fields. They are identified as being offset from the field's beginning by a stated amount, and the code length must be specified. Thus a large number of codes can be contained in any record and included in the form letter at will.

Xtra also permits printing of only a portion of a field, so additional data may be included. A Mailform record might look something like this:

NAME Andrews, JohnS__VP_

COMPANY 789 Western Widget Works _

ADDRESS 1234 Main Street _

CITY Buffalo Chip _


DATA 2 98765 high-quality widgets _

Xtra could instruct Mailrite to ignore the VP in the name field and later use the code for a complete printout, the 789 in the company field could be skipped in the salutation and used to draw three separate paragraphs for insertion into the letter, such as the firm's annual sales. The NB in the state field could be expanded, the 98765 used for another five codes from Data 2, and the remaining text in the field could be printed. The result might look something like this:

Mr. John S. Andrews Vice President Western Widget Works 1234 Main Street Buffalo Chip, Nebraska 10017

Dear John,

As a major manufacturer of high-quality widgets, with annual sales in excess of a million dollars, we feel that you would be Interested in our patent for a non-slip spaghetti fork

The remainder of the letter could consist of standard text mixed with coded paragraphs and sentences tailored to the subject as well as the individual addressee.

Each keyfile can contain as many as 8,000 characters of coded numbers, words, sentences or paragraphs. It is no longer necessary to maintain a large number of separate form letters, or to spend great amounts of time in typing individual letters to meet the many circumstances that may be encountered. Writing contracts or legal briefs should be a snap with Xtra.

Xtra also includes a disk sort utility that maintains the order of a previous sort within, so names may be presented alphabetically within zip code, and so forth. There is also a Mailabel program to print the Mailform data on labels.

Xtra Special Delivery is a very impressive package for anyone who must communicate by means of a mailing list, and who doesn't want his form letters to look like form letters.

Auto-Writer Software Options Inc. P.O. Box 970 Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10274

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