Instant Assembler

The INSTANT ASSEMBLER is a powerful disk or tape-based assembler and debugger for the TRS-80. Now you can assemble directly to memory and immediately debug your program with the built in single stepping debugger. Quickly switch from assembler to debugger and back again without losing the source code. This feature makes INSTANT ASSEMBLER an excellent learning tool for assembly language programming. INSTANT ASSEMBLER is absolutely unique among tape based assemblers in that it produces relocatable code modules that can be linked with the separate LINKING LOADER, which is supplied in two versions for loading programs into either high or low RAM. This lets you build long programs with small modules. INSTANT ASSEMBLER also features immediate detection of errors as the source code is entered, a compactly coded source format that uses 1/3 as much memory as standard source, and many operational features including single stroke entry of DEFB and DEFW. pinpoint control of listings, alphabetic listing of symbol table, separate commands for listing error lines or the symbol table, block move function, and verification of source tapes.

INSTANT ASSEMBLER'S debugger provides single stepping with full register displays, decimal or hex entry of addresses, forward or backward memory displays, disassembly of object code in memory, memory display in ASCII format, and hex-to-decimal or decimal-to-hex conversion. The single-stepper will step one instruction at a time or at a fast rate to any defined address.

INSTANT ASSEMBLER occupies less than 8400 bytes of memory. In a 16K machine this will leave you enough memory to write assembly language programs of around 2000 bytes. This and its module-linking feature make INSTANT ASSEMBLER ideal for users with only 16K machines. The instruction manual may be purchased separately for $3. which will apply towards the purchase of the INSTANT ASSEMBLER. In addition to disk I/O. the disk version includes a stand-alone version of the debugger.

Specify Model I or Model III. TAPE INTASM $29.95 on tape

Specify Model I or Model III. DISK INTASM $35.95 on disk

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