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functions with uppercase-only machines.

The editing capabilities are fair, with full cursor control. Editing is performed primarily by line, and they may be inserted, deleted or moved. Characters may be deleted; overtyping is permitted, and if the line is not yet full, insertions are possible. At printout, lines may be centered or justified.

The print mode is tailored for the MX-80, but may be changed to suit any smart printer, sending commands for wide or condensed character fonts, emphasized or double-strike printing. Wordsmith is a suitable personal letter writer or can be used to publish an occasional newsletter.

Micro-Typit Coolidge & Assoc. 1317 South Congress Austin, TX 78704 Model 1,16K $25 cassette

The Wordslinger Instant Software Peterborough, NH 03458 Model 1,16K $29.95 cassette

Micro-Typit and The Wordslinger are written in Basic. Their aim at the 16K market limits them to only a few pages of text capacity, and both are primarily suited to letter writing.

Both programs use Basic strings to hold lines of text, and writers must keep one eye on the screen to terminate each line at the proper place with an enter. Text entry with Micro-Typit is signaled by a display of spaces remaining at the top of the screen to aid the typist in staying within bounds, while Wordslinger halts at the line limit and accepts only a backspace or enter. Wordslinger can keep up with a fast typist, but Micro-Typit hunt-'n-peckers must slow



Now you can have 2 printers on-line at all times. Our

MODEL 80 LINE PRINTER SWITCH is designed specifically for the TRS-80 computer to allow the user to easily select between two printers by means of a conveniently located switch without changing cables. Our compact module connects to the printer port of your TRS-80 Model I or Model III through any reasonable length printer port extension cable and provides an edge connector for each of your two printers. Gold plated contacts ensure excellent connection reliability and ends the problem of constantly plugging and unplugging printer cables. And, it works with any type of printer that could normally be connected to a TRS-80 printer port. Our Model 80 switch comes assembled, tested, and ready to use. A printer port extension cable is available from your local dealer or may be purchased separately from us at $ 12.50 for an 18" extension. See your local dealer or call or write now for more information.

VJlAArhf signalling inc.

Administrative and Engineering Offices - P.O. Box 17510 Kansas City, MO 64130 - phone: [816) 931-4448


Protect your investment in disks and tapes! END loading problems. One TOOL does it ALL! Tape Reproduction System Tape or Disk Utility (or Model I or III

• Verify TAPE written will load

• ANY TRS-80 protocol TAPE


• Change program name as desired

• OFFSET load addresses

« UNOFFSET load addresses if offset

• Displays operational STATUS plus

. Diskette directory (0-3) . Load Map (start-end addresses) . NAME. LENGTH, FORMAT of data . START, END, EXECUTE addresses

• Automatic protocol conversion

• Archives on TAPE for DISK or TAPE

• Run TAPE programs from DISK

• 14 Menu-driven features in all!

• DISK features require TRSDUM

TRSTUM-16K tape systems ONLY $16.95

TRSDUM-1 drive TRSDOS systems ONLY $17.95

Specify Model I or Ml - add $1 00 postage and handling Send check, money order or SASE to:

CRB Microtools "Software JiToois for the 80's"

14835 N. First Avenue ^415

Phoenix. AZ 85023 TRS-80 & TRSDOS - trademarks of Tandy Corp.

down a bit for the program.

Both permit upper/lowercase copy on printers so equipped, but Micro-Typit displays only uppercase on the screen even if lowercase conversion is installed. Wordslinger incorporates a block cursor with key-repeating movement by the arrows.

Editing for the programs is line oriented; the writer must supply the line number or range of lines to be displayed, replaced, deleted or inserted. Micro-Typit includes a search-and-replace capability wherein a misspelled word can be replaced by the correct one, provided that the new word doesn't cause the maximum line length to be exceeded.

Wordslinger has an overtyping mode to change lines, but with Micro-Typit the entire line must be replaced for corrections.

Both programs can save text files on tape and load them back again, and both optionally right-justify text on printout.

For the non-disk writer on a budget who doesn't want to pay the price of Scripsit, Micro-Typit or Wordslinger may fill the bill. If so, Wordslinger appears to have an edge.

Letter-Writer Astro-Star Enterprises 5905 Stone Hill Drive Rocklin, CA 95677 Models I & III $37.99 disk $23.99 cassette

Letter-Writer is a Basic program, and as such is line oriented. Four lines of text are displayed on the screen double-spaced to display line widths of up to 80 characters. At the top and bottom of the screen are numbers to identify column locations, and there is space for a fifth line as it is being entered in the work area.

The program permits upper/lowercase text on unmodified Model Is by using shift, down arrow as a case-lock key, and signals uppercase by displaying @ on the lower right of the screen. The capital letters are shown above a double line in the work area, lowercase letters are shown above a single line. The number of characters that the buffer can still accommodate is also shown.

When a line is filled, the text automatically spills over to begin a new line. The arrow keys work in all directions to move the cursor, but a shifted right arrow opens the text for insertions while a shifted left arrow deletes a character.

Letter-Writer can copy a line or move a group of lines from one location to another, even to another file, giving the program form-letter capabilities. Lines can also be centered, and right-justification is supported. Optionally, line numbers can be included in the printed text. The program can also add and subtract columns of numbers for light bookkeeping work.

Like most Basic programs, Letter-Writer can't handle more than low-gear typing, but if your typing task is small Letter-Writer may suit your needs.*


From Single SOURCE Solution™

Single SOURCE Solution brings the TRS-80 owner new innovative software at the most reasonable prices in the industry. Unless specified, software is available on all models.

TRSFLOWTM l.l-ONLY $59.95 TRSFlowTM 1.1 —is a hydraulic model based upon the popular Hardy-Cross method of pipe network analysis. By telling the program certain system parameters such as the length, diameter and type of pipes. TRSFlowTM calculates head values at up to 150 pipe junctions and the flows through 150 system elements Within the 150 system elements. TRSFlowTM can handle 10 pumps and 10 fixed head conditions. TRSFlowTM allows the system designated to accurately determine pump and pipe sizes in any desired network TRSFlowTM, works with level (1 Basic on TRSDOS.

FPSS™-FINANCIAL PACKAGE FOR SERVICE STATIONS-ONLY $249.50 FPSSrM_,s a complete financial and bookkeeping package for Retail Petroleum Service Stations FPSS is written in Microsoft Basic" for the TRS-80 Model III. FPSSTM which in eludes a 90 page detailed User's Manual, offers specialized accounting modules tailormade for the retail petroleum industry FPSS fM is menu driven, keeps track of each sale, purchase, charge and collection of a service station, with daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports at the user's command Inventory control is especially detailed, allowing for determining gasoline leakage Commissions to employees can be tracked, with two commission rates setup

TRS-ED VERSION™ 2.1-ONLY $29.95 TRS-EDTM Version 2.1 is an ideal text editor for the personal computer owners who don't want a major course in word processing A variety of different kinds of printers may be us ed TRS-EDTM 2.1 provides features not available anywhere else at any price Four different printed character methods may be chosen from, and the lower case conversion kit is not necessary unless you want to see in advance what you print Commands are all single keyed TRS-F.DTM 2.1 is written in Basic. A handy command card is included for easy reference

BISPIan js a program for making business plans and projections With BISPlan fM you are led through screen prompts to enter data concerning your business plans You can enter estimates of a business proposal that you are considering and produce projections of potential earnings BISPIanTM will help you assess: financing requirements, loan payoff rates, length of time before return on investment, and profit potential Estimates can be projected up to five years, and dumped from screen to line printer BISPlan™ is menu driven and includes a manual Available in 16K for the Model 1 with a more extensive version in Models II and III

Concrete is a series of programs that allow owners of the pocket computer to calculate the material necessary for concrete work The first program Cement, is for figuring the amount of cement, sand and gravel necessary to build any given project The second program. Steel, will determine the linear feet of reinforcing steel needed and its weight in metric tons The third pro gram Earth, is for figuring the amount of earth which must be removed from a construction site in order to build footings, basements, etc

Mall your order for any of the above software directly to: Single SOURCE Solution. 2699 Clayton Road. Concord. California 94519 or call (415) 680-0202

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