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any help from the magazines (unless something has appeared recently).

The only weather forecasting program I know of is for a disk-based Model I or III. It is sold by Instant Software and called Climate Comp (#0316RD—$24.95). The package is actually two programs: Weather Forecaster, for short-range, three-day upcoming local weather forecasting; and Weather Plot, which provides you with accurate weather data for most of the major cities of the US.

The package used to be sold as a cassette-based system, but the data files for Weather Plot were a source of constant loading problems (they also required two tapes in addition to the one containing the programs). Weather Forecaster does not use these data files and can easily be used on a cassette system. If you have a friend with a disk system, you might consider buying this package and having your friend CSAVE the program to tape for your use.

If anyone knows of a weather forecasting program for L.R., please let me know so I can relay the message.

Your magazine, from time to time, has programs which use both Assembly language and Basic. Please explain the proper method of recording these programs. Which comes first and why? Sounds like the chicken and the egg. Is the Editor/ Assembler program needed to load these programs?

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