Bridge Partner

By George Duisman from Personal Software If you're a novice or bridge expert, this program will help you practice and improve your play. You and the "dummy" play against the computer's skilled defensive hands. And, you can replay the hand to try different strategies, replay the declarer hands against new defensive hands, and rotate the hands. Hands may be saved for future use.

16K Tape, Sl&ST

Now thru Sept. 10 you pay just $14.98


By Hogue & Konyu from Big Five While fighting off the alien convoys—each more skillful than the last—you must keep track of your rocket fuel or risk explosion.

16KTape,$*fc9S~ 32K Disk, Now thru Sept. 10: Tape $8.95; Disk $9.95


By Leo Chrlstopherson from Acorn Teach your "animated android" how to wield a laser sword! Leo Christopherson, author of "Android NIM," "Dancing Demon," "Voyage to Valkyrie" and other animations, has developed a new type of animation and high quality sound In this work. Starting out as a lowly clown, you teach your 'drold to use a laser sword by controlling its movements—advance, attack, even retreat if necessary. Then you enter the tournament against the program's skilled 'droid. Revet In the fanfares of the victorious—or hear the funeral dirges of the defeated! Entertainment for all ages.

16K Tape,

Now thru Sept. 10 you pay Just $9.98

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